Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We had a quiet christmas. We didn't have to rush off to anyones place on xmas day, we stayed home and the boys opened there prezzys and tried out all their new gadgets. We layzed around and ate and drank and ate some more on this and that then i cooked our xmas dinner in the evening instead of the middle of the day. It was hot and i didn't want to cook so i didn't till later. I dida big chicken all stuffed with all the trimmings and a turkey roll which was really tasty and there is no waste on them , all meat. We were so full we didn't bother with dessert which was xmas pudding...it's still in the pantry! It was a good day.
On boxingday i packed up the truck and the boys and i went to my mums place. We had another xmas dinner she cooked and ate to much again. So today we are taking it easy food wise.
It has been so hot and muggy with it but today it is raining a bit but still muggy. The gardens need a drink and are getting it now.
Santa never bought me a new camera unfortunately s, so no pics.
While i'm at mums I am hoping to make some progress on my african flower afghan as i have't touched it for 2 weeks! Today is the first day i haven't felt tired as i've had quite a few late nights with work and christmas shopping and other stuff so finnally i can relax and not think of getting up for work for a couple of weeks, yay!! I hope everyone has a great break and holiday.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is this an egg or what?

Well the other day i went to collect my hens eggs and this is what i found! This really huge egg! This is the fourth one i have had like this. The first one weighed in at 98 grams...the next 102gm... then 104gm.. then the latest weighed in at 106grams! I had that for my breakfast and it was a double yoker and very yummy too!!! they all were. The chook still lives! In the pic the egg in the centre of the bowl is a normal sized one . All the other ones are the extra-large ones that my son wanted to keep for souveniers. He taped the shells back together as you can see!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

joined rows

joined rows
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A little bit of progress!

Well I made a wee bit of progress on my throw. The pic is not a good one as it was done in hurry as i was using it to see how it will look. The camera is great for that as you can flik from one pic to another and view it really quickly and see what 'pops' out at you.
I have been joining the rows end to end so far with white yarn and then i will join them with the lime green all the length along and do some sort of edging all around ,probably with a a zig-zag border not a straight one.
My next crochet project will be to try out the bauble decorations on attic24.typepad.com blog, as she has put up a great tutorial . I should be trying to get some more of my candied hexys done but there is no show of that happening just yet as work is keeping me busy!
My little kitty , 'ozzy', has not come home and we haven't been able to find him, his brother,'hurly' is missing him and us too...I keep hoping i will see him looking in the window as he use to do when i am on the computer writing on my blog.

Monday, November 29, 2010

New total

Well I have a new total on my african flower hexys, 210 now. I have layed them out to how i think i will join them up and worked how many i need in each colour. I only have about 5 to do.... i think. Then it is on to joining them . That will take a bit of time...but slowly i will get there...before winter i hope !
I have thought of a new crhochet project when this one is done. It is a nother afghan blanket ... a ripple afghan. on attic24 blogs she has loads of interesting chrochet things to make, so i will give it ago. I did a practice peice yesterday to learn how to do the pattern and it is ezy pezzy!! I will post a pic when i have one of that later on.
I've lost one of my babies...ozzy has gone wandering last tuesday evening..no sign if him yet and hurly misses him . he is wandering round like a lost sheep. Hope he comes home soon, He may have gone ''tom catting" . I hope that is all and he comes home soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

116 af hexys

116 af hexys
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Well while i was away i managed to get these done- 116 in this pic but now I have got up to about 180 i think at last count.
I couldn't fit them all in the pic a i took it with my phone-sorry it is not a clear pic but you get the general idea.
I haven't done any sewing for a month...just felt like a change .There are some really lovely throws and other things on the flickr page for african flower hexys..take a look.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have made over the hundred mark now !

Well my week away at mums went ok till I started to bring in our bags and things. Then, I twisted my ankle really bad ! I stepped off the bottom step onto what i thought looked like grass but it was some weeds covering a dirt patch on the edge of the garden and CRUNCH ! i thought i had broken my ankle it hurt bad i can tell you..... but i won't repeat what i said !!...... Put ice on it to help with swelling ect. The next day it was going black and all bruising was coming out right along right up to my toes and on both sides of my foot. It is still sore now but i can walk on it ok.

So I managed to make about 20 more african flower hexys. 116 in total. I have decided that i want quite a good size throw and layed out what i have and think I probably need a bout 250-300...... That sounds like it will take me forever to do, but if i can do a few most nights i will get there....eventually. I even showed my mum how to do them and she managed one. Her hands have arthritis now so she doesn't do much knitting now.
i did have pic but it has gone into cyberspace i think, nevermind.
I haven't done any of the candied hexagons since i started the af hexys and also because i need to get some more glue pen refills . I have been busy with work to and no time to sew any but will get back to them soon.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Well so far at last count i have crochet 95 african flower hexies ! I have been making these flowers everynight when i watch abit of T.V. I'm not sick of them yet. Not too sure how many i will make but i would like to do a throw for the couch. Should get quite a few done over the week. I bought some more wool today so i don't run out!

This week is the 2nd week of our school holidays....only 1 to go ! We are off to visit my mum ,she lives in Paeroa. lots of antique shops to browse through. you never know what you might find! and there is a local quilt shop there too ...only 2 minutes up the rd.
Paeroa is a smallish town and they are getting a McDonalads there. It is getting built as we speak and should be finished about xmas time...yay! my son said, " about time."
My 2 kittys will wonder where we have gone, they are over 6 months old n
ow and getting bigger and lazier...eating all the time! Well i better go sort the stuff we are taking ..i got a list as long as my arm.... bye

Thursday, August 26, 2010

MY NEW ADDICTION! African flowers

Well here a few pics of my new addiction. i love doing these while i watch a bit of telly. I think i will make a throw of some sort or maybe a bag . . . . I will think of something. Some are not perfect but will not be wasted , i might turn them into some coasters maybe...(.sorry the pics are not really clear .)

Monday, August 23, 2010


I got this in the mail the otherday, i found it on trademe . It was someones elses ufo but now it is mine! Not quite sure how i will finish it but i will. I will have a bit of a think of how that will be done.

I have also been buying a few kaffes to use in my candies hexagons....i haven't done any for a few weeks...i must get back to them soooon!

I have been crocheting my african flower hexys in the last week and have got the pattern sorted now so i have done about 18 so far, love doing them. I will have to post a pic later when i get some.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Has it been a month??

I don't seem to have done much in a month.... just busy with work and kids and animals and nana's getting sick and so on.
But i think i have found another little addiction to add to my list of crafty things to do. I saw these on julias blog a few moths ago and wished i could remember how to crochet !! Then i thought i will give it ago and a few hexys later i have mastered the little hexys called african flower hexys. They are more than a bit addictive to make and are quite quick to do. Me being a beginer it takes me about 35-45 minutes to sit and make one i now have about 10 made. They are about 4-5" across depending on what size hook you use. there is also a flickr page of them, it is amazing just what ladies have created with them!! google african flower . The pattern is on the first page at the bottom if you want to give them ago. Heidibearscreative.blogspot.com/ she has a great tutorial on how to this.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
A couple more hexys blocks stitched .


Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
Well i have managed to get three more hexys blocks stitched up this week. I have'nt had a lot of time as have been busy at work.

My klosjes blocks haven't been stitched yet and are waiting !! Have'nt done many of those but about 5 i think. maybe next week .

Sunday, July 18, 2010

5 more hexys

5 more hexys
Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
Here is 5 stitched hexys. I have spent a few hours the other day just cutting and glueing some shapes . That way i will always have plenty at the ready to stitch up. All have been placed and sorted into little snaplock bags too! Saves alot of time trying to remember what goes with what.
Last week a freind of mine.lyn was showing me how to hand quilt. All i need to do now is a little practice then i will get started quilting my scrappy bargello quilt i made a wee while ago and put to oneside. I thought it would be a good one to try it out on and just do a cross hatch type of quilting as i can use the squares to go in straight lines...i hope!

Friday, July 09, 2010

Candied hexys

Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
here is another one but not stitched yet .

2 More hexys done.

2 more
Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
I have managed to a few more candied hexagons. there are others but i have not taken any pics yet but will soon. I really enjoy making these little blocks.

Saturday, July 03, 2010


Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
I've only done 4 of these so far but have a few more preped readt to stitch together. love doing them. I have to put them on a 6 1/2" square yet.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

hexy blocks striped

These pics came out the wrong way round ,as i sent them from my flicka page,..nevermind.

hexy blocks striped
Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
and these are the striped ones i.'ve finished so far. I will do more of these .

hexys 22 blocks

hexys 22 blocks
Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
These are my blocks so far all stitched....but not joined just to see them together.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"I'm hiding ! Hurley can't find me!!!

Here is another candied hexagon ... not stitched yet. I have a few prepared for stitching together... soon I hope. The colour is alot brighter in real life.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have got a new pen, a gluepen by sewline. They are so nice to use when glueing my candied hexagons. Nice and smooth and no sticky mess over your hands! My sister Pam bought it for me after her trip here last month. you get a refill with it , so you don't run out . I don't know if you can get them here (nz), she got it in oz. I have been making a few of the hexagons but not a lot at the moment. i've done about 16 I think, some are not stitched yet but will be on the weekend. I like how they are turning out . I've seen a few of other ladies ones who have been fussy cutting some, they look really neat.! I think I might do a few too, to add some more interest in the quilt. As you can see these ones are not stitched yet.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


MY sister pam made this quilt for my mum but didn't quite get the binding sewed down so I finished off doing that part for her. I just hope she uses it and does't just look at it! She is so old fashioned about stuff! This pic does not do it justice as there is too much sun in the pic.

Well while we were away in the school holidays we got 2 new babies. They are for my boys from my mum. This was instead of chocolate for easter. The ginger one is called "Hurley" the tabby one was called "fluffy",.... but now he is called "ozzy". They are boys.(brothers) about 8 weeks old. Very cute and cuddly. Qne is very fluffy the other short coat. They are yet to meet our dog .... maybe on the weekend as I have been waiting for them to get more use to being handled as they lived outside at her place and hadn't had much to do with people but are so much better now.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am starting a new project....candied hexagons. It's my sisters fault -pam because she is doing them and bought her project with her while she is visisting my mum, on holiday from Australia. I've done a couple and like how they turn out. It is a hand sewn project too. As you can see the camera is still making the colour a bit bright, but you get the general idea.This ist one is only placed together not stitched..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pincushion from Susan

Pincushion from Susan
Originally uploaded by smorielorrie
This is the pic of the pincushion and other goodies i sent to my swap partner, Lorrie, in a pincushion swap that i was in last month. She received it today. I included a folded fabric fob for her scissors, a baby mini finger pincushion, a purse for keeping bits and pieces in, a pattern to make a teapot pincushion and of course a pincushion with threads for mending . I hope she enjoys using it. p.s. I borrowed this pic from the flicker page she posted.

Monday, April 05, 2010


Here is a pic of the little chick that hatched 2 months ago. It is getting bigger now, i think it could be a rooster! I have introduced it to the other girls in the hen house . so far so good. Just a few pecks nothing bad. only a couple of the others seem to have it in for the mother but she gives as good as she gets! I put them in last night when it was dark so when they wake in the morning they are not to bad with a strange new face or two. Sorry the photos are a bit funny as the camera is still crook, but you can still see.

I have also been stitching a bit on my 'catalicous ' stitchery from bronwyn hayes, not finished yet and also done some of the satin stitching on val lairds design, I'm not very good at that but it will do. looks fine from a distance!. I haven't had a lot of time to do much this week as i have been doing some outwork for a lady so that has kept me busy.

Oh I don't seem to be able to upload any pics today , i have tried a few times but to no avail. maybe tommorrow.

Friday, April 02, 2010

THANK GOD IT'S OVER!! (nearly)

I'm so glad daylight saving is over this weekend! The weather has been great , I must admit . We need rain for the tanks! we are down to 1 full tank but if we only had 1 we would have been buying water in! It is dark in the morning now , I can hardly see when i go out to feed my chooks and half of them are still in 'bed' !! I never got up today till 11.45am !! I guess I have already my extra '1 hours sleep early !! (ha! ha!) Well off to do some baking and eating too. have a happy easter break everyone.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

pincusion I made susan---swap

These are the wonderful goodies i also got from lorrie in the swap. a pair of very useful scissors and some silk pins.

pincushion swap sent to Susan

this is a pincushion i received from lorrie. It is on a vise and clamps to your bench easily, perfect! It is already on my bench! She was my swap partner. i love it!! I can't show you what I made her yet as she hasn't received it, but i will once I know she has her parcel.

Friday, March 12, 2010


There is lovely giveaway over at jasmines Go and check it out if you want to be entered!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Well over the weekend i managed to finish my second stable bag. I started this ages ago and forgot about it till i had to wash my other one . I didn't put piping around the body gussett this time as i couldn't find the right brown i wanted to use so went for this old gold colour cord. It will do. This one is real good colour to hide the dirt as they do get grubby when you use them alot. I put a few exra pockets in this one also. They are fairly quick to make too.....once you know what you are doing! And they hold a ton of junk too!! here is a couple of pics of my new bag.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Susanclaire has a new free MYSTERY bom out now ! . It's free till the end of the month then the next months out. Check out her blog!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I finally got round to posting a pic of the sock monkey I made last week. I gave this one some lovely red lips.

Monday, February 15, 2010


here is a better pic of my little chick.

Oh isn't this cute???

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Val laird has a new free bom stitchery out today. Go and check it out for yourself on her blog. It looks so nice i will definitely be doing this one! thanks val.

Well I haven't done much this week really but I have finished stitching my shabby roses so now i just have to decide on the borders and sashings. I'm thinking of a narrow green border around each block..... not exactly sure yet but will show a pic when something is done. Oh i nearly forgot I also finished another sock monkey too. I started him when I made the first one for my nephew last june.!! got him done last night . Better late than never I suppose lol! I have to try and get a pic of him. They are the sort of a good thing to have all the machining prep done then sit and do the handstitching and stuffing . Chey takes his everywhere with him.

I haven't got back to finishing my stable bag yet but will be doing some this week ...it is half way and I have to get some cord for the straps too, but can finish it as they go on last.

My little chick is doing good, still alive and the mother is so protective she attacks my hands everytime i clean them out...SHE BITES HARD !! Well I must go get the boys uniforms dry for school tommorrow, it raining a bit now but cool.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


well my chickens should have hatched the other day but only one survived! There were only 3 that were fertile. The mother hen smashed 4 with her bug clumsy feet! we started with 12.
I JUST HOPE IT IS A GIRL ! it is a soft golden tanny colour, very cute and soft here she is.this is not very true to colour at all. I might try for a better pic tommorow if the sun is out again.

And here she is just popping out of the shell a few hours earlier. You can see her beak just poking out. I just had to go and look and not wait till the afternoon . She actally has a dark stripe down the centre of the head but not much other colour.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Yestersday I made up some mustard pickle. I have never made that sort before so was wanting to try it. It turned out pretty good, tasted good too. Had some on cheese and crackers in the afternoon. I have a really old reciepe from a nice old lady who use to live up the rd, but sadly she died quite a few years ago, her name was shelia Green. We knew her son , JOHN GREEN. He was a well know potter, he made all these whimsical creations, all one off's and out of his head, sadly he too is dead, he had a massive heartattck a couple of years ago. We have alot of his stuff that we have bought over the years. Some are a bit too rude to mention LOL! ( you need to have an open mind) Really miss them both.
Some how when i was driving home the other day i picked up a boy up the rd (a rooster) I don't know what made me do it!! We now have a rooster for the girls, he is pretty, crows at 7'oclock in the morning. Someone dumped him, he would have died he was so thin!! He was litterally skin stretched over a skeleton!! very dehydrated too. He seems quite happy now getting plenty to eat and 14 fat girls to keep in line! ha! ha! He will hopefully earn his keep later on when he is back in condition!!!! I will try and get a pik on phone... when i figure how to make pic larger. someone tutued with it .....i'm not very good at figuring these things out, they take me a while. nevermind i will try.
I have been stitching my 'shabby roses' blocks still just got 1 block then the label to do.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well I had a go at making a new peg bag for in the laundry over the weekend and this is what i did. It is made from a tea towel as you can see. I used an old clothes hanger for the hanger and decorated it with applique . sorry this pic is not a good one ,i had to use the phone but you get the general idea of what it looks like.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I bought myself a small punch neddle kit from spotlite just before xmas with the view of completing it before xmas ......but it never happened of coarse. So while at my mums place i started it in the new year and guess what... i actually finished it in a few days of doing bits here and there. The kits were 1/2 price ($14.00)in the sale came with frame, threads , pattern and the needle punch tool too. I already have one but can't find!!! . Don't think i would have wanted to pay $28.00 . here is a pic. It is about a 5" frame.

So when I was in my sewing room yesterday i dug out my Noahs Ark pattern from lynnette anderson designs. It was a freebee last year, so I am going to start that in a few days , I hope.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Well today this my 101 th post since i started this blog, never thought i would get very far but am still blogging along about things i do.

Well i got about 7 good eggs so far from the chooks. Don't know if they will produce tommorrow as they had a 2 hour jouney in the car today. They get a bit stressed . they seem ok and will be going in the big chook run tonight when it is dark. That is so they don't get the 'BASH' from the others. There is always a pecking order! I went and looked in the hen house and have got four 'broody ones all piled upon top of each other. lol! I have to wait till i get 1 dozen eggs before they go under a chook to hatch, so probably a few more days to go yet.

We went to this littlle farmers market this morning and a guy there had some young pullets i was tempted to get a couple they were so quiet but friendly.... maybe in a few months next time i go to mums i will get some depending on what happens with the eggs, we will wait and see!

Here is a pic of a couple of mums huge beetroot she grew. these are the smaller ones 1lb 8 and 1lb 9, i have to cook some tommorrow and make some cream puffs, yummy!! . There is an egg in the pic to give you an idea of there size.

Friday, January 08, 2010


So far I have saved up 5 new eggs from my new girls (chooks). Should get a few more today. I know i have a couple of broody hens at dhome so these eggs , will be going under one of those. Hopefully they will hatch! These girls are quite quiet, so quiet one jumped in the bucket of grain!! lol! i will keep you posted.
We went to the vegie patch and picked some huge beetroot that mum had grown. The heaviest weighed in at .... 1lb 140z it is huge 2nd was 1lb 9 oz and 1lb 4oz. They must of tapped into a good food supply of compost and sucked it dry coz there was real weeny one that was just normal!! I will put a pic up when i get home as this laptop is so temperamental and touchy it would take forever!!

Monday, January 04, 2010


My mum bought me some new chooks for xmas. We found an ad in the local paper and they were only 3 k up the main rd here in paeroa, where she lives. They are brown shavers. They have been in with a rooster too! So the eggs are probably fertile for maybe a week?? So we are going to save the 1st eggs and then i will take them home and put them under one of my other old girls and hopefully they will hatch.... if they do i hope there is hardly any roosters!! The man i got them off tryed to sell me a huge rooster!! He was called a 'barney velder'. and then he asked if i wanted an 'araucana' too. They lay the lite blue eggs, but no i don't want one. We will just see what happens. We will probably go back to Auckland towards the weekend i suppose. no pics, coz mr nobody dropped my camera and i don't have a nother one as yet. I really miss it! Nevermind.