Sunday, September 04, 2011

"Poppy"---- R.I.P.

Poppy on the couch.

On the 20th of august we had to have our dog 'poppy' put to sleep.  She has had nasty old tumor on her front leg, on her elbow. It never seemed to bother her ,she still ran and walked....and chased the cats and the chickens... as any dog does. She has been on pills  since xmas time but it just kept growing and looked ghastly!!  She piled on the weight due to her medication which made her hungry quite abit. She would steal the cats bickys when she thought we wern't looking!!  She has been gone 14 days and I really miss her heaps and so do  the 5 cats!!  She use to sit with me sometimes when i was sewing and never miss anything  you did. She has lovely big brown sad looking eyes too.... She was my youngest son's dog and has had her since she was a pup about 8 weeks old, he was really upset about losing her, but will be ok.  We won't get another dog for quite a while but will in the future no doubt.  He made her a lovely cross to put on her grave and covered it with ferns from the bush. I told him to take lots of photos's,, which he did.. (300) Lol!  Time will heal .