Sunday, September 27, 2009


well daylight saving has started ! It's a long day today. It usually takes me a bout 2 weeks to get my body clock adjusted , then i don't mind it. It's at the other end i hate because they have made it to long now. This week i am going to try and make another bag with this fabric. I really like the browns in this. I will do a post when it is done, I should really be doing something else not starting a new project but i just have to do it!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


well when i got up today i looked out side and saw this! Quite a misty looking day, it wasn't cold at all, looks like the middle of winter!! It's not, it is meant to be spring! It has been yuk all day so i thought it was a perfect day just to do some sewing which i did. I completed my block 9 of bunny hill. Quite a cute, fun block to do.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I THINK I WAS TOO BUSY PLAYING WITH STANLEY ON THE weekend. He is the pig! so all i made was a new pincushion for myself. It turned out ok. here is a pic.

these are a couple of pics of the ground orchids as they are all flowering now.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Well we managed to go between showers of rain, up to my neighbors place, glyniss is her name, go and the see the little pig we saw on the rd the other day. there is a little about it in the last post. His name is 'stanley'. Oh he is so cute!! I got a few pics of him,(quite afew actually...35). He loves to have his tummy scratched as you can see in the pic he is leaning on me and i am holding him up!! he is so fat as to when he arrived only about 4 or 5 days ago. He runs around the section, has free run, doesn't try to leave as there is plenty of food. He visits the 2 B I G girls (they are about 8-9 years old now , i will try and get a nice pic of them when the sun is out,) down the other paddock, is not even wary of dogs which makes us think maybe he was dumped!! Not sure exactly what they will do with him. he trots in the house sometimes but mainly enjoys being outside where he belongs. If only he would stay this size!!


I nearly forgot I had these as they just sit around in the container and look like nothing till they sprout some leaves. Then I saw the leaves and remembered. These are my gound orchids, peonies is the other name I think. My mum is a good gardener so she gave me them as she didn't really like where she had them and the cats were starting to sit on them. I must get them nice new container but won't repot till they die down . Don't you think they are beautiful? so delicate. I will try and get a beter pic of when more of them are out flowering. We are babysitting the dogs boyfreind tonight! What a joy that will be. . . . .not! Here is patch modeling his coat i made him, He has reflector tape on this one so he can be seen if on the rd at night. isn't he cute! He also has a pinstripe coat and does look so handsome.

Earlier in the week on the way to school we found a young pig! he was standing on the walking track and didn't even run away when we approached in the truck. So i looked around just incase mother pig was nearby, she was nowhere to be seen so i tried to catch him but he was too quick as i didn't want to get dirty, so i rang my neighbor to see if he wanted to try. he ate my morning tea and was not that shy really, but he could squeal !! i nearly got him by the tail!! He kept comming back for more food but i had to go and get the boys to school, but my neighbor , russell went up the rd and caught him!. He has 2 other B I G girls as pets, I will try and get a pic and post it but today is raining again!! so we will see. i will keep you posted on the piggy, he is so cute!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

"OH NO" ....."MY DOG 'S ON HEAT" !!!

Oh no, my dog, POPPY, is on heat! She has a 'boyfreind' following her around but I don't think he can do the deed!......Because he is a....Jack russell! his name is 'PATCH' . He is a bit short in the leg department! ha! ha! All he can do is 'hump' her back leg!!...( I hope)..It must be love don't you think????? take a look.... SO CUTE!


Saturday, September 05, 2009


Dorothy is having a lovely giveaway go take a look at her blog. It is to launch her free b.o.m stitchery. 'Sweet Nostalgia"... click on the button on my sidebar.