Monday, September 24, 2012

Joining up the fusion blocks.

I have finally started to join my fusion blocks up.  First I layed them out on the floor and took a pic so I can refer back to it. Then I joined them one row at a time .. I'm joining with the same mushroom colour and then I will do a couple of rows around the whole thing and think  I will do a dark brown edging of some sort.??? not sure exactly yet .
blocks all laid out before joining up.

three rows joined up one way
I'm working on some other stuff but can't tell you  or show you just yet as it is secret!  All I can say is it is coming along nicely!

I got 10 new chooks last weekend and they are settling  quite well, laying plenty of eggs too, so nice and fresh and yummy too!

2 of the new chooks .
I did a bit of baking on sunday and made this really tasty caramel slice. I had it years ago in a really great coffee shop that made slices a little different from the normal stuff they all seem to make. Saw the recipe in a book and tried it out....very yummy and quite morish.  It is caramel with walnuts chopped and sprinkled over the base and some of the base mixture is chilled and  crumbled over the top and it all cooks and comes out like this!

yummy caramel slice...mmmm..

'chip' with her bandana on her head!....

well nothing much else happening just yet so i'm off to do some sewing.
p.s.  It has taken me ages to figure out  where my drafts were on  this new interface on blogger!  It is hard to find where everything  is ....