Saturday, September 08, 2012

"The pile is growing"

only this many left to do.
about 35 sqaures done.
My little pile is growing ...s l o w l y...I haven't done much on these this week and hoped to have them done so I could start joining them but work got in the way... I will definitely get lots more done this weekend....I only have about 7 to do! I think at a rough count I have done about  35out of the 42 charm pack.

the beautiful kowhai flower

he's  almost saying "what are you looking at"?

they look so calm!
eating my poor tree!

look how fat they are...
beautiful greens and purples.

The other night as I was cooking dinner Mr wood pidgeon arrived for his evening  feed of my Kowhai tree. They have almost demolished the top half of the young spring shoots and all other foliage. They just sit and eat...moving carefully down each branch  and trying not to fall off as the branches really bend under there weight. They are almost the size of a small bantam chicken and hop from branch to branch. I got about 2 feet away from him and he didn't seem to mind.   My cat hurley has his eye on them though....thought he could camoflague himself and have pidgeon for was really funny watching him edge closer and closer up the tree towards the bird!  It just sat there munching away happily not paying any attention to the cat. The bird  left with a full belly and not the cat!  . I didn't know they actually eat the flowers too till I saw him scoff a couple down, but much preferred the leaves .
"I'm invisible" !
Mmmm...pidgeon for dinner!
bird is at top left corner

getting closer...