Sunday, August 12, 2012

A little progress on the fusion blanket

I have done 2 squares on this new project so far.  We were watching the Warriors(league) get thrashed then changed channels to the Olympics and were watching the mens walking race.  Loved seeing the kayak ladies race and winning the 'Gold' !  Good on her.  We will be back to normal viewing tomorrow sometime.

the edge crocheted around

the block rows done.

Doing these squares is fairly straight forward . I don't have to follow a complicated pattern so it should come together quite well....maybe not that fast but fairly easily.  I have crocheted the edge instead of blanket stitching like I said  I would.....changed my mind  again!  I thought it would be to hard on my hands but I just did about 8 at a time then crocheted around them.  They are all crocheted with the chocolate cotton yarn now so just the other colour to do. then join them  and it's done.  I weave in the few ends there are as I go so that pesky job is done also.  I have't got back to the quilt yet, just not been motivated much but must try and do a bit . I've had a cold thing and it is still hanging around a bit.
 The weather was rotten yesterday and poured all night but the sun is trying to come out today and the rain has stopped!  We have to clean out the spouting as it is blocked up with manuka leaves and branches from all the wind. The chook s are nearly on an island in the yard so i have to do something with them and get them out of the mud and slush!  They have't started to lay eggs yet but should start any day now i think as there combs are starting to colour up.(turn a bright red) and it is getting warmer for them.  can't wait for some fresh eggs!
I want to watch the closing ceremony of the games tomorrow too. so hope you have a great weekend.