Sunday, February 26, 2012

"These will make a yummy breakfast:!

the small one is about a size 6.

I got some more huge  eggs this week.  The one on the left-middle,  is a normal everday egg but the other 3 are extra big!  I usually only get one of these big ones every week and a half .....but this week "the girls'  decided to step up the pace a little and have layed 3 this week.  I weigh them when one arrives and the heaviest is 102grams, then 98grams  then 94grams. not bad ah and they are all double yolkers.   They will make a yummy breakfast too.

I haven't  done any sewing of blocks this week but have made about 12 of the blouses I have to get done  some time this week. They are a silk mix and go together really well.  I haven't done a single stitch in the crochet department either but when I finish the blouses I usually get a small break between jobs  so will try and fit some in.

Here is Declan now just over 3 months old...isn;t he a cutie!!  He has a new t-shirt...looks like he is 'Holden ' fan.....not in this house it's "Fords"
"Am I cute or what "  ?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My next fqs block 11.

Well I was fluffing around yesterday arvo but was meant to be working out how to make some blouses for work . There are 17 to do but fairly straight forward. The blouse has a collar on a band but the trickiest bit is a sleeve placket opening..the ones like on mens buisness shirts. I've never done one like that before so i unpicked the sample a little to peck how they did it!...quite simple really..figured it out and sewed it back up..It makes me feel like making some for myself again as usually I just buy I might make something in the future, some type of top.  I did buy some purple  knit  fabric the other day to make a t-shirt style top with hanky hemline but it might turn into a blouse, not sure have to think about it now.  Well anyway I started sorting what fabrics to make my  next block of the fqsqal with and kept going and finished it.  I think it looks okay.  Now I just have to do another of the same block for Chey's quilt.   I have pretty much caught up now with only 1 of  block 8 still  to do for my quilt.  Gosh we are up to block 11 already! ....only 1 more block to do then the finishing.  I find that is what takes me so long to do  but this quilt of chey's is meant to  be finished by june  in time for his 8th birthday  so If I get my  'A into G' I  should get it finished.  I'm not in any hurry to finish my one but by the end of the year would be nice, if I keep plugging away at it who knows !  here is pic

block 11 quilt-2(sorry I haven't cropped this pic)
four naughty 'girls' sitting on the fence....not for long if chippy sees them!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Thursday, February 09, 2012

block 10 fqsqal

block 10 fqsqal
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Block 10 for the fqsqal done! This was a super easy block to make ! thanks michell.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Some blue sky....just for a change.

My oldest son.Gene is always trying to get some nice sunset shots but yesterday he saw these unusual shapes in the clouds. And one lovely sunset.

some unusual cloud formations

more clouds

a sunset from our deck

the sun going down towards piha beach.
my book shelf  and patterns

binding headbands

my plain sewer
set up the binder attachment
I got my industrial machine back yesterday. It took a good couple of hours to move everything around again as I put the domestic machine away,(it's just sitting on another small sewing table) to make room for the plain sewer, they have a good size table and a nice flat  area to sew on. It an old one but a fairly tidy one . It is a bit slower than my other one but perfect for doing patchwork on which is why I wanted to swap it around.....I never knew I had so much crap!  rubbish in one very small area!!  At the moment I have it set up with a binder attachment so I can bind some of my other outwork I do. It is going great  and fairly fast to do.  I have sorted my book shelf but still have to tidy the one above and the one above that,  but I am working on it slowly.  I don't have a design wall as yet as it is too small for one with no decent wall big enough but i am thinking on how to do a small one in the next room for smaller things like wall hangings and blocks  and the like.  Now I'm off to do binding....only about 80 headbands to do.!...

Friday, February 03, 2012

My next block...block 9

I've been doing a bit on my fqsqal blocks trying hard to catch up.....only done one so far ...only 4 more to do!! I've got one all planned and cut out almost and with a bit of luck I should get it done tommorrow.
block 9- cheys quilt.
It is another l o n g  w e e k e n d  here   at the bottom of the world..yay!!  It is Waitangi Day on monday...  And the kids went back to school too so that was even better!

I have also been playing with some granny squares ...I made about 7 so far just from scrapes to see how they look and they look okay. might make them into a cushion or it may grow into another blanket. I will join-as-i -go  if it becomes a blanket as it is a tedious job to sew them all together.  I think i will put a cream edge around instead of black ...that's just too hard to see at night.  (gosh I think I need to do a new ironing board  cover...this one is worn out..)
my first lot of granny squares.

chippy's sister in the forground and brother behind.
her sister 

Last week I had to get the dog looked after for the day and took her back to her 'mummy's place and she had a ball  !  playing with her sister and brother.. Her sister looks exactly like her but lighter in colour and her brother-buster is paler again and much bigger too. here is a pic of them.

It is friday and I can never be bothered to even try and sew or crochet...Just to tired !  I'm going to have a coffee now and then bed.  I have to go and get my sewing machine tommorrow. I hate not having it here. It is my industrial plain sewer and I prefer to use that as to my domestic one...It's got more grunt!! it's old but nice to do patchwork on.   All I need is a straight stitch, no fancy doo-dads! One day I might treat myself to an automatic one...I'll just keep dreaming for a while!!