I have just added 'Henrietta whiskers as a 'ufo'  as she has had a huge diaster ! I had to give it a wash as one of my kittens decided to 'spray' it  pee on it so i washed it and dye has run all over it and it is now on the scrap
heap!  I have no motivation to even try and fix it as yet.  I think i'm going to kill the  bloody cat!!.........

note: Henrietta has been redone now.  The more I looked at her the more I kept thinking about how and what to do to fix her!!  She is well on the way to being fixed now. I am even up to doing block 6 !!  I might put a pic of the damage soon and the 'new' Henrietta too.  
p.s.  I couldn't leave her like that.