Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I bought myself a small punch neddle kit from spotlite just before xmas with the view of completing it before xmas ......but it never happened of coarse. So while at my mums place i started it in the new year and guess what... i actually finished it in a few days of doing bits here and there. The kits were 1/2 price ($14.00)in the sale came with frame, threads , pattern and the needle punch tool too. I already have one but can't find!!! . Don't think i would have wanted to pay $28.00 . here is a pic. It is about a 5" frame.

So when I was in my sewing room yesterday i dug out my Noahs Ark pattern from lynnette anderson designs. It was a freebee last year, so I am going to start that in a few days , I hope.