Friday, April 06, 2012

my blocks so far.

Well I have been working on my fqs blocks and have only got the double borders around each block stitched on so far.  I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do  but have been looking at the flickr group of these to get some ideas and have used the eyespy fabric to frame each one.  I like how they have turned out so far and I am trying to decide on sashings.  I am going to use some kiwi ana prints for the back to make it all most a reversible quilt so it will be two quilts in one!  I have been busy making velvet jackets so not much time to do quilting at all . And this weekend  i have plenty of more jackets to sew up. They have 2 jet pockets with flaps in the front  openings on the sleeves a roll collar with a riveier . short to just below the waist.  Quite a nice jacket. designed by Andrea Moore.   I saw some of her designs on the 'Goodmorning show ' this week on tv.

I bought a few fat quarters I saw  on sale and a small jellie roll , I quite liked the colours  so took it home with me . I'm  thinking of trying out a jelly roll racer quilt with it . would make a nice crib size i think for a baby....Well I better go do some jackets now  or at least make a start on them.

It is the school holidays  for the next 2 weeks here.  I usually go down to my mums for a week and my sister pam usually comes over from ozzy but I'm not sure if I will go down as I have got  rather  a lot of work to get done and I can do it from home and not actually have to go into work each day so i can have a bit of a lie in , in the mornings!

all the blocks with double borders on.

fat quarters
Hope everyone has a nice easter and don't eat too much chocolate !