Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have made over the hundred mark now !

Well my week away at mums went ok till I started to bring in our bags and things. Then, I twisted my ankle really bad ! I stepped off the bottom step onto what i thought looked like grass but it was some weeds covering a dirt patch on the edge of the garden and CRUNCH ! i thought i had broken my ankle it hurt bad i can tell you..... but i won't repeat what i said !!...... Put ice on it to help with swelling ect. The next day it was going black and all bruising was coming out right along right up to my toes and on both sides of my foot. It is still sore now but i can walk on it ok.

So I managed to make about 20 more african flower hexys. 116 in total. I have decided that i want quite a good size throw and layed out what i have and think I probably need a bout 250-300...... That sounds like it will take me forever to do, but if i can do a few most nights i will get there....eventually. I even showed my mum how to do them and she managed one. Her hands have arthritis now so she doesn't do much knitting now.
i did have pic but it has gone into cyberspace i think, nevermind.
I haven't done any of the candied hexagons since i started the af hexys and also because i need to get some more glue pen refills . I have been busy with work to and no time to sew any but will get back to them soon.

Friday, October 01, 2010


Well so far at last count i have crochet 95 african flower hexies ! I have been making these flowers everynight when i watch abit of T.V. I'm not sick of them yet. Not too sure how many i will make but i would like to do a throw for the couch. Should get quite a few done over the week. I bought some more wool today so i don't run out!

This week is the 2nd week of our school holidays....only 1 to go ! We are off to visit my mum ,she lives in Paeroa. lots of antique shops to browse through. you never know what you might find! and there is a local quilt shop there too ...only 2 minutes up the rd.
Paeroa is a smallish town and they are getting a McDonalads there. It is getting built as we speak and should be finished about xmas time...yay! my son said, " about time."
My 2 kittys will wonder where we have gone, they are over 6 months old n
ow and getting bigger and lazier...eating all the time! Well i better go sort the stuff we are taking ..i got a list as long as my arm.... bye