Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is the ornament i made for vanessa she loved it! mine hangs around all year. the other part i cannot show you. I also sent her two dogs a bandana each from the child cancer foundation , for them to wear, the same as our dog, poppy, does. She gets a couple each year, she has quite a selection of colour to wear!

sorry about the terrible colour but i cant't figure out why it goes pink when the flash is on and it goes abit too dark with it off! but you can get the general idea of what it looks like.


Here is a couple of pics of my sscs gifts i received from vickie. one cute cross stitched tree ornament , reversible, and one to open xmas day . All wrapped up in a pretty peice of christmas fabric that can be used for a future project sometime. The other yo-yo ornament is one i had a go at from one of the blogs, it came out well and was quite easy to make so i might do some later on in other colours for next year. My swap was sent to vanessa who received it last week also. Today i am working on getting my finale bunnyhill block put together. I'm about halfway i think. No rush , just doing bits when i feel like it.