Sunday, November 04, 2012

A little sewing ...

I was in my sewing room tidying up the rubbish off the floor yesterday but kind of got side tracked  when I found some scraps that I had put aside  for a pincushion I wanted to make and next thing I was sewing it up and stuffing it and forgot to finish tidying the know how it goes. But that is all I made. These are really easy to make.

 Sunday is my eldest son, Gene's 19 birthday and we have bought him his own laptop....he should really like that!  I would like that if someone bought one for me....but dreams are free ah.
It's a bit cold and windy here today and I wanted to go and finish weeding my vegy patch but i think it can wait. The sun is out but a cold wind.

I put a small yo-yo instead of a button

On monday we celebrate guy faulkes here, 5th november.
We were meant to go to a fireworks display last night but they cancelled it till 17th November, the boys were whinging about that so let off some of there home made bombs.....then we got a complaint from the neighbor about scaring the horses.....we didn't know there were horses on there place..Nice of them to let us know!  ..I hope they get them moved somewhere else for monday night as everyone will letting off there fireworks !!  Chippy went up to the back fence and barked at them too but they didn't seem worried at all, so they might be ok.