Sunday, February 19, 2012

My next fqs block 11.

Well I was fluffing around yesterday arvo but was meant to be working out how to make some blouses for work . There are 17 to do but fairly straight forward. The blouse has a collar on a band but the trickiest bit is a sleeve placket opening..the ones like on mens buisness shirts. I've never done one like that before so i unpicked the sample a little to peck how they did it!...quite simple really..figured it out and sewed it back up..It makes me feel like making some for myself again as usually I just buy I might make something in the future, some type of top.  I did buy some purple  knit  fabric the other day to make a t-shirt style top with hanky hemline but it might turn into a blouse, not sure have to think about it now.  Well anyway I started sorting what fabrics to make my  next block of the fqsqal with and kept going and finished it.  I think it looks okay.  Now I just have to do another of the same block for Chey's quilt.   I have pretty much caught up now with only 1 of  block 8 still  to do for my quilt.  Gosh we are up to block 11 already! ....only 1 more block to do then the finishing.  I find that is what takes me so long to do  but this quilt of chey's is meant to  be finished by june  in time for his 8th birthday  so If I get my  'A into G' I  should get it finished.  I'm not in any hurry to finish my one but by the end of the year would be nice, if I keep plugging away at it who knows !  here is pic

block 11 quilt-2(sorry I haven't cropped this pic)
four naughty 'girls' sitting on the fence....not for long if chippy sees them!