Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another block done !

Well I have finished another  of my blocks in the fqsqal from . I am doing 2 quilts so this one is for 'chey's quilt.   He loves penguins so i hope he will like this block.  Now I just have to do  my other block and the next 2 current blocks are also up now so I better get my "a into g" or i will be behind before i know it.  The next block is an easy one ...not so many pieces  in it...yay!   57 pieces in the last one...lots of pieces!
I have also posted off my SSCS  Swap parcel for 2011. will post pics a bit later on of course, (it's a secret)

My fiesta star block 4- chey's quilt

Saturday, November 12, 2011

"My cat thinks this is great"

My cat,Hurley, thinks this is nice and cozy to sleep on.  He's my 'golden eyed' boy.  So he is allowed  but the others are not because  they drop fur really bad where  blacky and him  do not seem to.
 It  is hard to get a good pic of this as it is gettng longer by the day  night as I sit and watch some tv while crocheting.  Usually hurley is underneath it on my knee while i am crocheting!  and as for "naughty Norbitt"  - he's not allowed near hurley as he tries to beat him up and he is half his size... he is bit of a bully to him, don't know why? possibly they need the old "snip-snip" lol!
My golden eyed boy nice and cozy here!

Norbitt has a ugly  smug face . We gave him a new look. What do you think?  ha! ha!  Poor Norbitt!

Norbitt with his new look!
I have just figured out why my uploading of pics took so long to do.....someone changed the size of the pics for emailing to really large.. must of been Mr Nobody again,,,,he visits this house quite regularly....Now it works quite quickly... and it's a breeze!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

my blanket is still growing ...slowly.

My ripple blanket is growing slowly.    I have now done 76 rows . It will be a single bed size i think.  I like a blanket to be longer than it covers your toes!
76 rows done!
I went to spotlite on tuesday afternoon and was looking through the bargin bins and found a lovely book with about 6 nice versions of other ripple I bought it home with me..only $3.00 . There  is a couple in the book that i might have ago at in the future.....when i get time that is. here is a pic of my blanket so far. (I took this pic in a hurry  so it is not great  ,sorry) I will try one in the daylight , this is a bit dark.

his car

the back view
My pajero died , again.! The turbo blew it's guts!  I had no truck for a week but I got to drive my other half's car he just bought recently. It is so quiet compared to mine as mine is old, and rattly !  I recon we should swap.... I really liked it. It runs totally on LPG petrol  so much cheaper and even better his boss payed for it.  I am on the third turbo at the moment!  this is also the 4th  or 5th windscreen too!  I have lost count.  I have never known a vehicle to go through so many windscreens!!   It seems to chip really easily!  This time we might sell it as soon as he fixes his oil leak in his ute.  His new car is a falcon station wagon.  They were going to wreck it for parts where he works (automotive dismantler)  for 'ford'  parts. It has  had a bump in the bumper and a wee dent near the front, but runs really well.

Friday, November 04, 2011

'Look who's here"

I have a couple of pics of the newest kid on the block.  Declan  Noel wilson  ,  These were taken  just a few minutes after he came into the world, on 2 / 11 / 2011,  about 8pm,    at North Shore Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.
Declan Noel Wilson

Isn't he cute!  he looks so small!

He is 1 day old  in this pic.
He weighed in at 7lb 13, a nice weight.  I haven't been to see him yet so maybe over the weekend I might get a chance too I hope  and maybe even a cuddle.

I have been working on my sscs project but can't tell you anymore about it's  a secret!!

I have been 'rippling' along with my blanket too but don't have any new pics yet. sorry.  My blocks for the fat 1/4 star quilt along are all up to date!!  amazing as i usually fall a little behind .

block 3-quilt 1(cheys)
block 1-quilt 2

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

"No baby yet".

Well we are still waiting for Amber's and cory's baby to arrive.  She is overdue by a week now so they have induced her this morning and I have been informed that she is now about halfway!  She 's going ok ...not too much pain at the moment but wishes it was over!   Maybe later tonight or the small wee hours we hope!  Hurry up Decklan,  that's his name as we know it's a boy.!  Keep you posted when the big event's exciting for both of them and all of us!  I will post a pic when I get one...soon i hope!

edit;  Well Declan has arrived  on the 2 / 11 / 2011  at  all safe and well !  finnally !!..... he kept everyone waiting!!  pics are comming soon as!