Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hello, Im still here...

Well I'm still here but not been blogging sorry as  still don't have a computer of my own.....So it's nearly the end if 2013 and I am going to try and get back into it Next year!!....
I was reading someones blog today and she said she tries to do 1 ufo a month  so i think that's where i might try and start the new year off at.....I'm sure I could find at least 12 ufos without looking too hard!.....Watch this space!!!
I can tell you one exciting thing that has happened...back in October I won a sewing machine!  I was at spotlite with my friend mandy and she talked me into going....and i won the lucky drawer...I couldn't believe it.  My machine is a husqvarna viking.  It's nice and new goes really well too.  I've never had that brand.  I like it.....I am halfway through making a bag that i will show you some pics when it is finished...might be my 1st finish of the year!!
. I am at my mum's in Paeroa at the moment for Xmas.  Well I hope everyone has had a good xmas, bye now.

Monday, July 01, 2013

computer woes again

Well the computer died again and  it 's not fixed yet so I won't be doing much blogging till it is sorry.

I haven't done much sewing at all except for my "whiggly whimsy quilt" the top is done  still have to get the backing for it, soon I hope.
I started  the new crochet blanket I will put up some pics soon of progress. It is going really well. It is a nice bright blanket  as I am using up all my scraps of bsalls of yarn. I will probably put cream on the final border...
I made my dog a coat also of crochet afghans squares i had laying around...not sure if chippy really likes it but she has a thin slinky coat so it will keep her warm.
Any way thats all at the moment.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

"I've done a little knitting, sewing yet...

It's been a few weeks since the last post.  My friend Mandy went to spotlight and told me about there sale of yarns and wool. I bought 2 balls of lily mesh yarn.  Some  lovely green tones. Green is one of my favourite colours...then  purple.  So I made this scarf.....then another ...another...another ....and yet another!!
It is the first time I have tried knitting this type of yarn and is very easy and your work grows really fast which I like alot!

close up

my model...Chippy!
the colours so far.

I also finished my ripple blanket too...I decided not to do an edging....  ..our computer has been down so no blogging and I forget what I have finished ...I should jott it down when I think of it i suppose.
I was talking to my friend Fays daughter and she was telling me about 'scrumbling'...what's that you is a type of free form crochet or knitting where you start off then change to different yarns and add bits on using different stitches and you come out with something really different and a total one off. google it and take a look.

chip loves the blanket

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finally the computer is fixed!

Well it is fixed for how long I don't know.... The mother board was fried apparently.

I haven't really done any sewing except for 'Terry's treasures qal" .  I got carried away with the cutting out and ended up cutting all the strips out....and even joining them all up too.  The reason because I am making some jackets and don't have much spare time.  I had about a week between jobs so made the most of it and sewed all 7 strips up but that is as far as I have got.  Till the next quiet time.....
I haven't taken pics of my strips yet sorry so can't show you yet.

she is a bantam so smaller than a normal size chicken.

the chicks are about 2 1/2 months old here and almost as big as cute!
trying  to keep her babies warm!
I have a few new pics of the chicks I hatched  one real cute one of mother chook trying to keep her babies warm.
Now I've just  have to try and get some things done.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

the computer is dead..

Well the computer decided to die  a few weeks ago  so I have been a little quiet.  I haven't really done any sewing  except I started a 'scrappy trip around the world'. I have made about 30 blocks or 40  , now i just have to join them up.  I just haven't had the time as i have been making 'wool coats for a lady so that has taken all my spare time lately but today  I finished them so might get a few days break and can get back to the scrappy trip blocks and get them joined up at least.  No pics yet sorry. And I am going to the qal with terrys treasures blog too.  I have just bought the background fabric so I better get cutting and do the first stage or will get right behind .  I will have pics next time I hope.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My sscs gift.

I nearly forgot to post a pic of what I received in the sscs 2012 swap.  I got this lovely wall hanging from Kris .  I showed my mum and her friends and they all thought it was really lovely and nicely made too.  She also sent me a nice pair of scissors for embroidery and some little squares from 'moda' and a cute frog tape measure, a cross stitchery some floss threads and some yummy lindt chockys...iv'e eaten those just the other day.   Thanks again Kris.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

sscs 2012 pressy for my swap partner

I should of done this post by now but just got distracted by things here so here it is .  My swap partner was leanne . She is in Tasmainia so I hope she is ok with all the bush fires that are happening over there at the moment.  I made her a 'half eaten gingerbread man ' for her ornament to hang on the xmas tree.  Then I decided to make a cathedral  windows cushion cover.  I hope she liked it.  I used some 'bliss fabric'  I had.
Here is a pic:
one 'half eaten gingerbread man'..too cute!

the front
the back  with invible zipper

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

some flowers


Maori potatoes..not very pretty outside but..

a lovely pretty purple flesh inside (sorry pic is dark)

Before Christmas I won an auction here in nz (called trademe).  I bought some hexie flowers  .They are quite old, vintage almost looking.  The colours are rather ugly . They had a yucky pink centre on everyone and some of the surrounds were that pink too. There was 13 of them and after studying them I have decided to pull the outer circle undone and make them into a separate flower.  I think I will put a cream or white or maybe another colour around the flowers because they are 'ugly' how they are and by doing that i should end up with 26 more hexy flowers and should be able to blend them with others...hopefully. They look ok as just a flower without the colour around them. Well that is the plan, but I'm not in any hurry so it will be a slow'work in progress' as I need to find more fabrics that go together.  I have already nearly finished rejoining them into flowers.  I think I will change the centres to something else I need to audition some colours yet ...anything but pink will look better!

In my mum's garden she had grown some of these 'maori potatoes'  they are tasty but look a bit  weird .

My little chicks are growing day by day . I must take some more pics of them. It was so hot here today ,not a cloud in the sky...but now it is quite overcast looking but i don't think it will rain. I'm off to bed now.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

"Six more mouths to feed."

"Happy New Year everyone".  I have been away at mum's over the xmas break but came home on saturday. The weather was hot but not so great back at home.  Well before I went away I managed to buy some fertile eggs on  trademe and had them couriered to my mothers as she had a 'clucky' chook and we put the eggs under her to that by the time I got there at xmas they should be hatching and then I could take them back home with me.  I forgot the chook was little (a bantum)  she couldn't manage to cover all the eggs so tried 7....she broke then it was 6....she broke another ...we ended up with 5....only 3 chicks hatched .  What to do with the other 6, well we rang around her friends who keep chooks to find another clucky one and we found one so under the chook the eggs went. well only 2 more hatched but thats ok . I now have 5 cute Aracauna chicks. These chickens lay the pretty lite blue eggs. My last one of these chooks died this year so I wanted to try and get a few more.  I just hope there are more girls than boys....I just have to wait and see.
The 2 last chicks hatched 3 days after the 1st ones and you can see the difference in the wing feathers, if you look closely.

1st one hatched out.
5 cute aracauna chicks.

2 new chicks the 3rd is hiding

I haven"t done any sewing since before xmas which was finishing Chey's Star  quilt which he really loved! I saw a cute quilt on terrys blog which I night try and do slowly. I am going to try and finish some old projects too.