Sunday, January 06, 2013

"Six more mouths to feed."

"Happy New Year everyone".  I have been away at mum's over the xmas break but came home on saturday. The weather was hot but not so great back at home.  Well before I went away I managed to buy some fertile eggs on  trademe and had them couriered to my mothers as she had a 'clucky' chook and we put the eggs under her to that by the time I got there at xmas they should be hatching and then I could take them back home with me.  I forgot the chook was little (a bantum)  she couldn't manage to cover all the eggs so tried 7....she broke then it was 6....she broke another ...we ended up with 5....only 3 chicks hatched .  What to do with the other 6, well we rang around her friends who keep chooks to find another clucky one and we found one so under the chook the eggs went. well only 2 more hatched but thats ok . I now have 5 cute Aracauna chicks. These chickens lay the pretty lite blue eggs. My last one of these chooks died this year so I wanted to try and get a few more.  I just hope there are more girls than boys....I just have to wait and see.
The 2 last chicks hatched 3 days after the 1st ones and you can see the difference in the wing feathers, if you look closely.

1st one hatched out.
5 cute aracauna chicks.

2 new chicks the 3rd is hiding

I haven"t done any sewing since before xmas which was finishing Chey's Star  quilt which he really loved! I saw a cute quilt on terrys blog which I night try and do slowly. I am going to try and finish some old projects too.


  1. Oh they are adorable!

  2. Cute little chicks - hope they all grow up into great layers!! I have some of these too and they are very pretty. Great that Chey liked his quilt - it turned out lovely!!

  3. Awe...the chicks are so cute! :0)