Wednesday, January 09, 2013

some flowers


Maori potatoes..not very pretty outside but..

a lovely pretty purple flesh inside (sorry pic is dark)

Before Christmas I won an auction here in nz (called trademe).  I bought some hexie flowers  .They are quite old, vintage almost looking.  The colours are rather ugly . They had a yucky pink centre on everyone and some of the surrounds were that pink too. There was 13 of them and after studying them I have decided to pull the outer circle undone and make them into a separate flower.  I think I will put a cream or white or maybe another colour around the flowers because they are 'ugly' how they are and by doing that i should end up with 26 more hexy flowers and should be able to blend them with others...hopefully. They look ok as just a flower without the colour around them. Well that is the plan, but I'm not in any hurry so it will be a slow'work in progress' as I need to find more fabrics that go together.  I have already nearly finished rejoining them into flowers.  I think I will change the centres to something else I need to audition some colours yet ...anything but pink will look better!

In my mum's garden she had grown some of these 'maori potatoes'  they are tasty but look a bit  weird .

My little chicks are growing day by day . I must take some more pics of them. It was so hot here today ,not a cloud in the sky...but now it is quite overcast looking but i don't think it will rain. I'm off to bed now.

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  1. Your flowers are going to be so pretty when you're done with them. Those are strange looking potatoes! My neighbor grows purple beans in her garden.