Saturday, November 12, 2011

"My cat thinks this is great"

My cat,Hurley, thinks this is nice and cozy to sleep on.  He's my 'golden eyed' boy.  So he is allowed  but the others are not because  they drop fur really bad where  blacky and him  do not seem to.
 It  is hard to get a good pic of this as it is gettng longer by the day  night as I sit and watch some tv while crocheting.  Usually hurley is underneath it on my knee while i am crocheting!  and as for "naughty Norbitt"  - he's not allowed near hurley as he tries to beat him up and he is half his size... he is bit of a bully to him, don't know why? possibly they need the old "snip-snip" lol!
My golden eyed boy nice and cozy here!

Norbitt has a ugly  smug face . We gave him a new look. What do you think?  ha! ha!  Poor Norbitt!

Norbitt with his new look!
I have just figured out why my uploading of pics took so long to do.....someone changed the size of the pics for emailing to really large.. must of been Mr Nobody again,,,,he visits this house quite regularly....Now it works quite quickly... and it's a breeze!