Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henrietta Whiskers Block 3 and 4 finished

Well I have had these 2 blocks finished for a couple of months now but was having trouble with blogging it, but all seems to be a -okay now so  here is my block 3 and block 4 of Henrieta whiskers.

I really need to do the next block before the 5th of june or i will fall behind and it's a little hard to catch up. I have been mucking around with my chrochet . I should be sewing these blocks!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

this is flowering in my garden now!

This my 'Tree Daileia '. not sure how you spell that.(lol).   It is a beautiful mauve , looking very delicate.  They grow right up tall , like a tree then form heaps of buds then pop out these lovely flowers. If you don't get frosts  they grow anywhere. You can cut them down after they die back after the flowering and just leave pieces of the trunk laying under the bushes  and in october i think, they send out little shoots on the nodes and these start growing inyo new  'trees', You can plant them upright but i just dig a trench and plant them then they seem to be much better rooted in the ground.  We had some really gusty winds this time so they don't look too good this time round.  And when ' men '  keep chopping them down they don't have much of a chance to look good.  He said they are taking over.  lol.

My mum had this elephant milk tree growing in her lounge . she has had it for quite a few years now and its almost touching the ceiling we chopped it!  we took the tallest piece from the plant as it will keep growing and i will get a new plant from it when i pot it up which will be soon.. It is now up to the clock on the wall and shouldn't grow to fast for a few more years yet.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

my new pen

Last week I saw these pens on  Trade me (nz),  so i bought one to try . I've done a little sample of how it draws and  the colour.  It is lovely to draw on the fabric,  fairly smooth and you get a fine line .  They are called,   'air erasable' pen by 'sewline'.  You trace your stitchery and  the lines  will stay anything  from 2-10 days  according to the packet. (I suppose that has to do with humidity in the air)   If you want to remove it or change it then just dab with a cottonbud  that is dampened with water. I use a  gluepen by sewline also which is excellent!  I think they were about $8.50.
(sorry this pic is not great ....'nosey norbitt'  the kitten was being naughty!)

A couple of weeks ago I was in the salvation army shop, and saw this tapestry cushion . It was only $3.00 !  So i bought it. It had another cushion stuffed into it and had an ugly border around it so i pulled it apart and will put something much nicer around it  or maybe put it in frame to keep it from getting wrecked and hang on the wall....

Sunday, May 15, 2011

all my blocks so far

I am still deciding on how to finish this.... I was trying to add a pic yesterday but it wouldn't work... but now it has , yay!

When i was at my mums during the school hols, I managed  to make 10 more of the 'candied hexagons' . But i haven't made any since ,work gets in the way! Here are half of them.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My blocks so far of Lcqal

I have finally finished my blocks for lcqal . I don't know what sashings i will do yet, I have been looking at all the finished tops on the flickr page tp try and get some inspiration.
they all look amazing!  some have done two tops and three!!  I have also been working on Henrietta Whiskers b.o.m. from bunnyhill. We are up to no. 5 already and this the only one i have been able to keep up with.
I  saw my big sister (pamduring April as her and her husband came to N.Z. for the v8 motor racing in Hamilton. We visited a few Patchwork shops and bought a little bit of fabric too.