Saturday, May 21, 2011

my new pen

Last week I saw these pens on  Trade me (nz),  so i bought one to try . I've done a little sample of how it draws and  the colour.  It is lovely to draw on the fabric,  fairly smooth and you get a fine line .  They are called,   'air erasable' pen by 'sewline'.  You trace your stitchery and  the lines  will stay anything  from 2-10 days  according to the packet. (I suppose that has to do with humidity in the air)   If you want to remove it or change it then just dab with a cottonbud  that is dampened with water. I use a  gluepen by sewline also which is excellent!  I think they were about $8.50.
(sorry this pic is not great ....'nosey norbitt'  the kitten was being naughty!)

A couple of weeks ago I was in the salvation army shop, and saw this tapestry cushion . It was only $3.00 !  So i bought it. It had another cushion stuffed into it and had an ugly border around it so i pulled it apart and will put something much nicer around it  or maybe put it in frame to keep it from getting wrecked and hang on the wall....

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