Sunday, May 22, 2011

this is flowering in my garden now!

This my 'Tree Daileia '. not sure how you spell that.(lol).   It is a beautiful mauve , looking very delicate.  They grow right up tall , like a tree then form heaps of buds then pop out these lovely flowers. If you don't get frosts  they grow anywhere. You can cut them down after they die back after the flowering and just leave pieces of the trunk laying under the bushes  and in october i think, they send out little shoots on the nodes and these start growing inyo new  'trees', You can plant them upright but i just dig a trench and plant them then they seem to be much better rooted in the ground.  We had some really gusty winds this time so they don't look too good this time round.  And when ' men '  keep chopping them down they don't have much of a chance to look good.  He said they are taking over.  lol.

My mum had this elephant milk tree growing in her lounge . she has had it for quite a few years now and its almost touching the ceiling we chopped it!  we took the tallest piece from the plant as it will keep growing and i will get a new plant from it when i pot it up which will be soon.. It is now up to the clock on the wall and shouldn't grow to fast for a few more years yet.

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