Sunday, September 18, 2011

The rugby world cup 2011

our lovely black flag, matches the grey sky!

Well it's the rugby world cup here in New Zealand.  Everywhere you go you see heaps of cars with flags on supporting what ever country they like.  We have just put a new zealand flag up on our house on top of the old tv ariel.  I don.t have pic of it yet as the weather is stink!  might try tomorrow.
Last friday my mother in law, shirley,  passed away in north shore hospital. she has had breathing problems as she suffered from emphaciema  quite bad  and died quietly in her sleep as she was totally exhausted,  . We had her funeral last wednesday  and it was a lovely service, lots of good memories , lovely photo  slide show of her life , no dry eyes anywhere, it was really nice.    She was a true warriors league fan, she would have got a real giggle from seeing the streaker in fridays game , lol !   we put little momentos in with her.Conor, my youngest son,  put his warriors flag in,  and I made a dragonfly with a message attached,  and chey, her very youngest grandson, put his little penguin and a cute wee teddy bear.  We really miss her heaps..but now she is at peace with her hubby again. R.I.P. shirley....never forgotten.

These flowers were from shirley's  sister barbra, they are beautiful too!
and these beautiful orchids were from one of her care givers. (sorry the pic has gone awry..dont know why)
p.s.  I will try to add sme pics of shirley's lovely flowers later as I'm having trouble uploading them...again ,sorry.