Saturday, April 13, 2013

"I've done a little knitting, sewing yet...

It's been a few weeks since the last post.  My friend Mandy went to spotlight and told me about there sale of yarns and wool. I bought 2 balls of lily mesh yarn.  Some  lovely green tones. Green is one of my favourite colours...then  purple.  So I made this scarf.....then another ...another...another ....and yet another!!
It is the first time I have tried knitting this type of yarn and is very easy and your work grows really fast which I like alot!

close up

my model...Chippy!
the colours so far.

I also finished my ripple blanket too...I decided not to do an edging....  ..our computer has been down so no blogging and I forget what I have finished ...I should jott it down when I think of it i suppose.
I was talking to my friend Fays daughter and she was telling me about 'scrumbling'...what's that you is a type of free form crochet or knitting where you start off then change to different yarns and add bits on using different stitches and you come out with something really different and a total one off. google it and take a look.

chip loves the blanket