Saturday, March 03, 2012

"'I've got lots of these"....

 I have been making these star blocks with Konda.  We are on the last block now but I have not made my one yet I've just finished block 11  x2 . This is for  Chey's quilt. I found this cute fabric on Trademe (nz)  .It's nice and bright .Now I'm just waiting to see what  the finishing directions konda has decided to do.

I have ended up with a lot of half triangles that are waste really but I never throw mine out as they are a decent size to use in other projects .  I save them all up and throw them into a spare shoebox just for these leftovers.  This little pile is just from 2 or 3 blocks!  They do accumulate rather quickly in these quilt-alongs.  I made a quilt with a snowball block and had  heaps of these triangles over but I sew them up straight away after I have done the block . I started joining them up and thought I would turn it into a cushion or it might become a table mat....I'm still deciding ....

scraps of half square triangles from qal

block 11- Chey's quilt

close up of he brown lines
close up of jacket fabric

I haven't done much patchwork except for the blocks. I have been working on some winter coates for work.  They are a dark grey/black plaid with a purple line ...   Where you see the browny stripe, some have a purple stripe ..quite a nice style .They have 2 pocket with flaps on the front a jet pocket at the shoulder and a vent at the back and shaped side panels and the sleeves have a vent also but no buttons so the sleeves can be turned up ....There is heaps of matching up to do!!  There is quite a bit of work in these coats too. Not sure on how long they we are given yet but more work than the other one and that was about 2hrs and 20 mins so these would be abit  more I think. The blue is the lining. I will try and take some pics of pockets when they are done.