Friday, February 03, 2012

My next block...block 9

I've been doing a bit on my fqsqal blocks trying hard to catch up.....only done one so far ...only 4 more to do!! I've got one all planned and cut out almost and with a bit of luck I should get it done tommorrow.
block 9- cheys quilt.
It is another l o n g  w e e k e n d  here   at the bottom of the world..yay!!  It is Waitangi Day on monday...  And the kids went back to school too so that was even better!

I have also been playing with some granny squares ...I made about 7 so far just from scrapes to see how they look and they look okay. might make them into a cushion or it may grow into another blanket. I will join-as-i -go  if it becomes a blanket as it is a tedious job to sew them all together.  I think i will put a cream edge around instead of black ...that's just too hard to see at night.  (gosh I think I need to do a new ironing board  cover...this one is worn out..)
my first lot of granny squares.

chippy's sister in the forground and brother behind.
her sister 

Last week I had to get the dog looked after for the day and took her back to her 'mummy's place and she had a ball  !  playing with her sister and brother.. Her sister looks exactly like her but lighter in colour and her brother-buster is paler again and much bigger too. here is a pic of them.

It is friday and I can never be bothered to even try and sew or crochet...Just to tired !  I'm going to have a coffee now and then bed.  I have to go and get my sewing machine tommorrow. I hate not having it here. It is my industrial plain sewer and I prefer to use that as to my domestic one...It's got more grunt!! it's old but nice to do patchwork on.   All I need is a straight stitch, no fancy doo-dads! One day I might treat myself to an automatic one...I'll just keep dreaming for a while!!