Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Block 7 fqsqal

I've managed to get one more  block done of my fqsqal.  This is number 2 quilt, block 7  (I still have to do 8 & 9).  These blocks were made using templates except for the centers.   I forgot that you must cut each template with the right side of the fabric facing up so I ended up with pairs rather than all for one side.  But I got here in the end.  I actually traced my template onto freezer paper and that worked for me, then I just layed my ruler over the shape and added on the seam allowance and cut it out.  With the freezer paper you can use it quite a few times which was really easy. Here is a pic.
block 7- quilt 2 fqsqal
I have now finished one side of my ripple cushion. It was quick to do now I just have to do the other side  which shouldn't take me too long I hope. It is a long weekend this wekend so I might get those other blocks done!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A new ripple cushion

Well I just started this last night while watching some tv.  I haven't finished my other ripple blanket yet but not too much to do.  I just felt like having something small to do instead of a hot blanket sitting on my knee.  I am trying out this pattern from my book . It is a cushion  and shouldn't take too long at all.  It is really easy to do once you get the first row sorted....just repeat the same row  pattern  for the whole thing.   As you can see the ripple blanket is in the bag on the floor just sitting!
I just found out I won a prize in konda's fqsqal.  I'm not sure which prize I have won ...will just wait and see what the mail man brings me in the next week or two.  This is the 2nd lucky prize I have won in her qals.

a new ripple cushion so far
the ripple blanket 

the ripple cushion so far
I have to get down to the library as our printer is stuffed buggered and get the next pattern so I can catch up again!  It's hard to do once you fall behind a little.There is 2 blocks i have to make so that's four now as I am doing 2 quilts in this one. I just found a lovely 'sparkle punch star quilt' over at this blog to make which would be a good way to use up scraps too. Take a look and you might be inspired too.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012..back to work.

Well we had a lovely break at xmas at my  mums place.  We took the puppy,  'chippy'  .She behaved herself and has really grown too.  My mum would love another dog but has been told 'No'  , she still has her dog  'freddie'  he is almost 16 years old and going deaf and blind too.  here is a pic of  freddie sharing his bed with my cheecky dog...she invited herself!   Freddie can't play and she was tugging on his legs to try and get him to play!...poor freddie.

'I can fit in here too!


'move over freddie'
I finished another pretty bauble while i was here.  I  never took any stitching with me although I took my crochet to do and did a few more rows of the 'ripple blanket' . It was really 'muggy' for a few days was actually to hot to do crocheting.  The beading was good to do though.  I must take some more pics of the ripple soon.  I should have that finished well before winter. (i remember saying hat about a blanket last year!)
my 2nd beaded bauble.

Here is a pic of chippy having an afternoon 'snooze' on the couch! (my sisters quilt she made for mum last year)

chippy snoozing with her bunny !

chippy having   another afternoon snooze.  Lazy dog!
I ate too much as usual and now i need  to go on ww diet and try to lose about 10 kgs. Weather that happens is another story!  ...not if i keep eating cream puffs!
cream puffs!..mmmm
My son , Conor, let off his fireworks on New Years eve and some other crackers he had put aside , made lots of noise !

The weather here has been really stink too !  Have hardly seen the sun, we have had heaps of rain and our tanks are overflowing which is not the norm fo this time  of year,...it is usually the other way around.  My back yard is a 'mud' hole and the chooks have eaten everything  green!  lol!  Everything sees to be late this year in the garden.  Hope it dries up soon!

a rainbow
storm clouds

Here is pic of my mums african violet...she said she has never had so many flowers on it at one time!
that's all for now .
mum's african violet.