Friday, October 01, 2010


Well so far at last count i have crochet 95 african flower hexies ! I have been making these flowers everynight when i watch abit of T.V. I'm not sick of them yet. Not too sure how many i will make but i would like to do a throw for the couch. Should get quite a few done over the week. I bought some more wool today so i don't run out!

This week is the 2nd week of our school holidays....only 1 to go ! We are off to visit my mum ,she lives in Paeroa. lots of antique shops to browse through. you never know what you might find! and there is a local quilt shop there too ...only 2 minutes up the rd.
Paeroa is a smallish town and they are getting a McDonalads there. It is getting built as we speak and should be finished about xmas time...yay! my son said, " about time."
My 2 kittys will wonder where we have gone, they are over 6 months old n
ow and getting bigger and lazier...eating all the time! Well i better go sort the stuff we are taking ..i got a list as long as my arm.... bye