Thursday, April 16, 2009

block 4

block 4
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i have finished my block 4 of a tisket, a tasket b.o.m. I decided to use wool again for my bunny . wonder what will be in the basket for the may block???

Friday, April 10, 2009


I made these cute bunnys a few years ago. I thought they were really cute! and fun to make. two girls and a boy, fred and his girls!!


mmm....... yummy ! I made these yummy hotcross buns today. I usually buy them but thought i would have a go at making some. Really hard work..... just throw everything into the old breadmaker and all the hard work is done!! Just shape and finish off baking in the oven then enjoy them! they are yummy!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I was given this by a lady whose mother had died. She would do cross stitch patterns and get me to put a backing on them for her as she was not good with a sewing machine. When her mother died they found a big bag of embroidery floss cottons in every imaginable colour! She had a ton of them herself so didn't really want them and she thought of me! Of course I said I would love to have them and would put them to good use, wasn"t I the lucky one. She immigrated from england quite a few years ago and bought all this stuff with her. the colour chart looks quite old, probably from when she took up embroidery , it is well used of course. A lady in the craft shop told me that to buy a new one costs shops about $50.00 to buy them. some of the clours are no longer made as I was trying to match up some DMC and it is not there. Here are some pics of it.