Sunday, December 18, 2011

my ist beaded bauble

I made this beaded bauble from julia's  blog.  My first attempt at this.  I want to make some more over the break. I have nearly finished another and will show you later.  They are not as hard as they look.  Thanks julia for the tutorial.  I read and read it about 3 or 4 times then sat down and did it step by step...easy!  I'm off to stock up some more beads! lol!
my ist beaded bauble.

"I'm injured"

On Wednesday evening I burnt my hand . I was cooking chips in a chip pot of oil and it was turned off and pushed to the side but was still in my way and i pushed it and hot oil splashed out the side of the pot and got me!  Boy did that hurt!  I shoved my hand under the cold tap and had it there for about 4 or 5 minutes . Our water is  really cold as it is in  a tank and my hand was getting so cold from the water  i had to take it out...then i put it back painful!  The next morning there was a big blister and i was trying not to bang it but yes... I banged it and popped the blister...It looks sore but is ok now except the centre where the blister  bit is....I will live and won't do that again in hurry!
my "fryed' hand.

On Tuesday my sister Pam and her daughter and grand kids came to NZ to do a surprise afternoon tea for my mum who turned 80 on 13th dec.  We took her to a hall up the rd and had her friends meet us there and try to surprise her.  She got  surprised and really enjoyed herself.  She doesn't really bother to celebrate big '0' birthdays or anything much.  I made the cake and ended up doing a fruit cake which i have made is actully my christmas cake recipe i make out of the edmonds  cook book. It was nice and moist not dry like i thought it would be as i cooked it in the wrong size tin! If i had left it in the oven for the full time i think it would be dry though,  So when i make our one today i think i will make the same size and cut down the time...  In the last year she has had about 6 of her close friends die. So it was a good turnout for her.
this is the cake i made for mum...very plain and simple but very yummy!

I made a beaded bauble and showed everyone and miss Tallulah thought it was pretty enough to hang from her ear lol! I am going to make some more of these hopefully over the xmas break.  There was a drama when i was making this but will tell you about that another time.

Do you like my lovely earring?

 ...don't know if i will be back here till after xmas so I hope everyone has a great xmas .