Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well I had a go at making a new peg bag for in the laundry over the weekend and this is what i did. It is made from a tea towel as you can see. I used an old clothes hanger for the hanger and decorated it with applique . sorry this pic is not a good one ,i had to use the phone but you get the general idea of what it looks like.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I bought myself a small punch neddle kit from spotlite just before xmas with the view of completing it before xmas ......but it never happened of coarse. So while at my mums place i started it in the new year and guess what... i actually finished it in a few days of doing bits here and there. The kits were 1/2 price ($14.00)in the sale came with frame, threads , pattern and the needle punch tool too. I already have one but can't find!!! . Don't think i would have wanted to pay $28.00 . here is a pic. It is about a 5" frame.

So when I was in my sewing room yesterday i dug out my Noahs Ark pattern from lynnette anderson designs. It was a freebee last year, so I am going to start that in a few days , I hope.

Saturday, January 09, 2010


Well today this my 101 th post since i started this blog, never thought i would get very far but am still blogging along about things i do.

Well i got about 7 good eggs so far from the chooks. Don't know if they will produce tommorrow as they had a 2 hour jouney in the car today. They get a bit stressed . they seem ok and will be going in the big chook run tonight when it is dark. That is so they don't get the 'BASH' from the others. There is always a pecking order! I went and looked in the hen house and have got four 'broody ones all piled upon top of each other. lol! I have to wait till i get 1 dozen eggs before they go under a chook to hatch, so probably a few more days to go yet.

We went to this littlle farmers market this morning and a guy there had some young pullets i was tempted to get a couple they were so quiet but friendly.... maybe in a few months next time i go to mums i will get some depending on what happens with the eggs, we will wait and see!

Here is a pic of a couple of mums huge beetroot she grew. these are the smaller ones 1lb 8 and 1lb 9, i have to cook some tommorrow and make some cream puffs, yummy!! . There is an egg in the pic to give you an idea of there size.

Friday, January 08, 2010


So far I have saved up 5 new eggs from my new girls (chooks). Should get a few more today. I know i have a couple of broody hens at dhome so these eggs , will be going under one of those. Hopefully they will hatch! These girls are quite quiet, so quiet one jumped in the bucket of grain!! lol! i will keep you posted.
We went to the vegie patch and picked some huge beetroot that mum had grown. The heaviest weighed in at .... 1lb 140z it is huge 2nd was 1lb 9 oz and 1lb 4oz. They must of tapped into a good food supply of compost and sucked it dry coz there was real weeny one that was just normal!! I will put a pic up when i get home as this laptop is so temperamental and touchy it would take forever!!

Monday, January 04, 2010


My mum bought me some new chooks for xmas. We found an ad in the local paper and they were only 3 k up the main rd here in paeroa, where she lives. They are brown shavers. They have been in with a rooster too! So the eggs are probably fertile for maybe a week?? So we are going to save the 1st eggs and then i will take them home and put them under one of my other old girls and hopefully they will hatch.... if they do i hope there is hardly any roosters!! The man i got them off tryed to sell me a huge rooster!! He was called a 'barney velder'. and then he asked if i wanted an 'araucana' too. They lay the lite blue eggs, but no i don't want one. We will just see what happens. We will probably go back to Auckland towards the weekend i suppose. no pics, coz mr nobody dropped my camera and i don't have a nother one as yet. I really miss it! Nevermind.