Monday, January 04, 2010


My mum bought me some new chooks for xmas. We found an ad in the local paper and they were only 3 k up the main rd here in paeroa, where she lives. They are brown shavers. They have been in with a rooster too! So the eggs are probably fertile for maybe a week?? So we are going to save the 1st eggs and then i will take them home and put them under one of my other old girls and hopefully they will hatch.... if they do i hope there is hardly any roosters!! The man i got them off tryed to sell me a huge rooster!! He was called a 'barney velder'. and then he asked if i wanted an 'araucana' too. They lay the lite blue eggs, but no i don't want one. We will just see what happens. We will probably go back to Auckland towards the weekend i suppose. no pics, coz mr nobody dropped my camera and i don't have a nother one as yet. I really miss it! Nevermind.

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  1. Bummer about the camera Susan, great abou the chooks though. I miss not having eggs fresh from the chook house, the rich golden yolks have a special flavour all of their own - yum, poached eggs on toast mmmmmmmmmmmm!