Friday, January 08, 2010


So far I have saved up 5 new eggs from my new girls (chooks). Should get a few more today. I know i have a couple of broody hens at dhome so these eggs , will be going under one of those. Hopefully they will hatch! These girls are quite quiet, so quiet one jumped in the bucket of grain!! lol! i will keep you posted.
We went to the vegie patch and picked some huge beetroot that mum had grown. The heaviest weighed in at .... 1lb 140z it is huge 2nd was 1lb 9 oz and 1lb 4oz. They must of tapped into a good food supply of compost and sucked it dry coz there was real weeny one that was just normal!! I will put a pic up when i get home as this laptop is so temperamental and touchy it would take forever!!

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