Saturday, January 09, 2010


Well today this my 101 th post since i started this blog, never thought i would get very far but am still blogging along about things i do.

Well i got about 7 good eggs so far from the chooks. Don't know if they will produce tommorrow as they had a 2 hour jouney in the car today. They get a bit stressed . they seem ok and will be going in the big chook run tonight when it is dark. That is so they don't get the 'BASH' from the others. There is always a pecking order! I went and looked in the hen house and have got four 'broody ones all piled upon top of each other. lol! I have to wait till i get 1 dozen eggs before they go under a chook to hatch, so probably a few more days to go yet.

We went to this littlle farmers market this morning and a guy there had some young pullets i was tempted to get a couple they were so quiet but friendly.... maybe in a few months next time i go to mums i will get some depending on what happens with the eggs, we will wait and see!

Here is a pic of a couple of mums huge beetroot she grew. these are the smaller ones 1lb 8 and 1lb 9, i have to cook some tommorrow and make some cream puffs, yummy!! . There is an egg in the pic to give you an idea of there size.

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  1. Glad the chooks are settling. When we had the farm we got our hens from an egg farm. they only keep their chooks for a year and the poor things are almost bald and need to learn to walk on dirt but they continued to produce eggs for us for many years, and once we put them in the hen house within a week they were growing new feathers, within a month it was hard to tell which ones were the battery hens. All we ever got charged was 50cents a chook, cheap at twice the price and we gave the poor sods a chance at normality and they certainly repaid us with beautiful eggs.
    happy clucking