Sunday, January 22, 2012

A new ripple cushion

Well I just started this last night while watching some tv.  I haven't finished my other ripple blanket yet but not too much to do.  I just felt like having something small to do instead of a hot blanket sitting on my knee.  I am trying out this pattern from my book . It is a cushion  and shouldn't take too long at all.  It is really easy to do once you get the first row sorted....just repeat the same row  pattern  for the whole thing.   As you can see the ripple blanket is in the bag on the floor just sitting!
I just found out I won a prize in konda's fqsqal.  I'm not sure which prize I have won ...will just wait and see what the mail man brings me in the next week or two.  This is the 2nd lucky prize I have won in her qals.

a new ripple cushion so far
the ripple blanket 

the ripple cushion so far
I have to get down to the library as our printer is stuffed buggered and get the next pattern so I can catch up again!  It's hard to do once you fall behind a little.There is 2 blocks i have to make so that's four now as I am doing 2 quilts in this one. I just found a lovely 'sparkle punch star quilt' over at this blog to make which would be a good way to use up scraps too. Take a look and you might be inspired too.