Monday, November 29, 2010

New total

Well I have a new total on my african flower hexys, 210 now. I have layed them out to how i think i will join them up and worked how many i need in each colour. I only have about 5 to do.... i think. Then it is on to joining them . That will take a bit of time...but slowly i will get there...before winter i hope !
I have thought of a new crhochet project when this one is done. It is a nother afghan blanket ... a ripple afghan. on attic24 blogs she has loads of interesting chrochet things to make, so i will give it ago. I did a practice peice yesterday to learn how to do the pattern and it is ezy pezzy!! I will post a pic when i have one of that later on.
I've lost one of my babies...ozzy has gone wandering last tuesday sign if him yet and hurly misses him . he is wandering round like a lost sheep. Hope he comes home soon, He may have gone ''tom catting" . I hope that is all and he comes home soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

116 af hexys

116 af hexys
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Well while i was away i managed to get these done- 116 in this pic but now I have got up to about 180 i think at last count.
I couldn't fit them all in the pic a i took it with my phone-sorry it is not a clear pic but you get the general idea.
I haven't done any sewing for a month...just felt like a change .There are some really lovely throws and other things on the flickr page for african flower hexys..take a look.