Sunday, June 10, 2012

My first attempt at a poncho

I mentioned in my  last post  I was thinking of trying to crochet a poncho...well i have done just that and it is almost finished.  I used a varigated yarn for some of the stripes and a purple and a turquoise I really wanted to use a pink but couldn't find the  right shade so went for the turqoise  . I think it looks better in real life than the pics though.  I am going to put some granny roses on it to and a fringe  to finish it off . I will post a pic of when it's totally finished.
I also crocheted a pretty mandala last night .  I found the pattern on Barbara's blog. I enjoyed making this and will do some more soon.  I would love to try out some different colour combos of this.  Thankyou barbara  for the easy to follow tutorial .
here is a pic of my first attempt.
almost finished
the pretty centre of the mandala

my first mandala
I have not made much progress on cheys quilt  and i don't think i will quite get it finished in time for his birthday ...i'm not sure I will just have to see how things pan out.