Thursday, August 18, 2011

african flower hexagon blanket

I was trying to add this pic but blogger just kept stuffing it up! The pic was the frilly cushion cover I am trying to make , you can just see it to the right in the pic....rather slowly though, It is a bit wobbly as i have added to many increases ...that is why it is going to become a cushion cover.. got to add a few more rounds yet ! I got this idea from lucys blog attic24 and thought i would give it ago.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

'A bit more progress on this'...

Well while I was away at my mums in the school holidays I managed to get a couple of borders done around this blanket .  I have done 2 rows around and will do a green one . I was going to fill in the half hexagon shape but now i will just leave it with a sort of scalloped shaped edge  as i quite like it now.  I am glad it is nearly finished . In one of the pics you can see a frilled  looking  mat  thingy...  I have been playing with that .....   it is a bit too wrinkly and won't sit flat but will make a lovely cushion and all the wrinkles will push out once it is stuffed.  i have done too many increases as I have gone around and around but have figured it out pretty much now . I am not experienced in crochet and only really a beginner but i like a challenge!
my african flower blanket