Friday, July 01, 2011

"Look at this mother of a cheesecake"

Well last weekend my son had a shop bought cheesecake for his friends birthday and thought it was just wonderful, and asked if  i knew how to make a cheesecake.....i made the biggest cheesecake he had ever seen !  His eyes were  bigger than his belly  lol !
It is a lemon or pineapple flavour, whichever you prefer. as from the pics you can see it is a really good deep cake and really yummy!!  we had cheesecake for dessert for the rest of the week!   And this weekend i am making a pineapple one,  (just for a change)  lol !   last week's was lemon flavor.
It has a bottomless tin and to get it out you press on a bowl underneath and hope  it slides out and doesn't crack and fall apart. The base is gingernuts and malt biscuits which goes really nice with the sweetness of the filling.The base is cooked for 10 minutes then cooled and the filling mixed up and added then put in the fridge to set and chill well . then enjoy!!   and we did.  in the pics you can see a rather LARGE thumb print where someone poked it.....wonder who that was???? I usually grate chocolate on top but didn't have any as i had eaten it ..... nevermind it was still really yummy!!   I hope these pics upload ok as they take ages while i am writing this.
This is how i get it out of the tin.... very carefully !!  (and the pics came out in the right order...amazing ! )

I have also been chrocheting a tea cozy in a ripple pattern. My first ripple pattern too.  it is  finished but i think i need a fatter teapot as my one is a sort of tall shape not squat and fat like most pots. It came out ok and i put yo-yos around the bottom. i will post a pic soon.