Wednesday, April 28, 2010


MY sister pam made this quilt for my mum but didn't quite get the binding sewed down so I finished off doing that part for her. I just hope she uses it and does't just look at it! She is so old fashioned about stuff! This pic does not do it justice as there is too much sun in the pic.

Well while we were away in the school holidays we got 2 new babies. They are for my boys from my mum. This was instead of chocolate for easter. The ginger one is called "Hurley" the tabby one was called "fluffy",.... but now he is called "ozzy". They are boys.(brothers) about 8 weeks old. Very cute and cuddly. Qne is very fluffy the other short coat. They are yet to meet our dog .... maybe on the weekend as I have been waiting for them to get more use to being handled as they lived outside at her place and hadn't had much to do with people but are so much better now.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am starting a new project....candied hexagons. It's my sisters fault -pam because she is doing them and bought her project with her while she is visisting my mum, on holiday from Australia. I've done a couple and like how they turn out. It is a hand sewn project too. As you can see the camera is still making the colour a bit bright, but you get the general idea.This ist one is only placed together not stitched..

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Pincushion from Susan

Pincushion from Susan
Originally uploaded by smorielorrie
This is the pic of the pincushion and other goodies i sent to my swap partner, Lorrie, in a pincushion swap that i was in last month. She received it today. I included a folded fabric fob for her scissors, a baby mini finger pincushion, a purse for keeping bits and pieces in, a pattern to make a teapot pincushion and of course a pincushion with threads for mending . I hope she enjoys using it. p.s. I borrowed this pic from the flicker page she posted.

Monday, April 05, 2010


Here is a pic of the little chick that hatched 2 months ago. It is getting bigger now, i think it could be a rooster! I have introduced it to the other girls in the hen house . so far so good. Just a few pecks nothing bad. only a couple of the others seem to have it in for the mother but she gives as good as she gets! I put them in last night when it was dark so when they wake in the morning they are not to bad with a strange new face or two. Sorry the photos are a bit funny as the camera is still crook, but you can still see.

I have also been stitching a bit on my 'catalicous ' stitchery from bronwyn hayes, not finished yet and also done some of the satin stitching on val lairds design, I'm not very good at that but it will do. looks fine from a distance!. I haven't had a lot of time to do much this week as i have been doing some outwork for a lady so that has kept me busy.

Oh I don't seem to be able to upload any pics today , i have tried a few times but to no avail. maybe tommorrow.

Friday, April 02, 2010

THANK GOD IT'S OVER!! (nearly)

I'm so glad daylight saving is over this weekend! The weather has been great , I must admit . We need rain for the tanks! we are down to 1 full tank but if we only had 1 we would have been buying water in! It is dark in the morning now , I can hardly see when i go out to feed my chooks and half of them are still in 'bed' !! I never got up today till 11.45am !! I guess I have already my extra '1 hours sleep early !! (ha! ha!) Well off to do some baking and eating too. have a happy easter break everyone.