Sunday, December 25, 2011

sscs prezzy

Here is what was in my other half of the   parcel from kate webster,  she was my swap partner in sscs 2011  . a really neat wallhanging ...thankyou kate it's  really neat! love the colours you have used ...they will go well on the wall!  I really love the cat with one eye or he could be winking?  cute!
a really cute wallhanging from Kate
I hope my swap partner liked what i sent her......  Thanks again to chookybluewho made this a fun swap.

cute wee cat '.
chippy with her yummy xmas cracker!
Our puppy enjoyed her xmas present too...can you guess what it is?? .....A rawhide chewbar full of tasty morsals only a dog would enjoy!
I unwrapped my own prezzy!

Friday, December 23, 2011

block 5

Block5-chey's quilt
block 5
Originally uploaded by susanriddell33
This is block 5-chey's quilt. I've used his star sign in the centre. The pic has come out a bit dark as to in real life colour. It was anice easy one too. Now on with the next blocks....

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Block 6-FQSQAL

Block 6-catherdral windows of fqsqal
This block is called 'cathedral windows' . It goes together so easily, it almost makes itself!  I loved doing this one!  I have top stiched the window in green contrast on the orange. I might do the pieced center on my other block of this . This one is one square as the other is 4 squares stitched together. If you look on konda's blog you will see it. here is my pic it has come out a bit darker than in real life. This is for chey's quilt.  I have yet to do my one and the next one is due tommorrow!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

my ist beaded bauble

I made this beaded bauble from julia's  blog.  My first attempt at this.  I want to make some more over the break. I have nearly finished another and will show you later.  They are not as hard as they look.  Thanks julia for the tutorial.  I read and read it about 3 or 4 times then sat down and did it step by step...easy!  I'm off to stock up some more beads! lol!
my ist beaded bauble.

"I'm injured"

On Wednesday evening I burnt my hand . I was cooking chips in a chip pot of oil and it was turned off and pushed to the side but was still in my way and i pushed it and hot oil splashed out the side of the pot and got me!  Boy did that hurt!  I shoved my hand under the cold tap and had it there for about 4 or 5 minutes . Our water is  really cold as it is in  a tank and my hand was getting so cold from the water  i had to take it out...then i put it back painful!  The next morning there was a big blister and i was trying not to bang it but yes... I banged it and popped the blister...It looks sore but is ok now except the centre where the blister  bit is....I will live and won't do that again in hurry!
my "fryed' hand.

On Tuesday my sister Pam and her daughter and grand kids came to NZ to do a surprise afternoon tea for my mum who turned 80 on 13th dec.  We took her to a hall up the rd and had her friends meet us there and try to surprise her.  She got  surprised and really enjoyed herself.  She doesn't really bother to celebrate big '0' birthdays or anything much.  I made the cake and ended up doing a fruit cake which i have made is actully my christmas cake recipe i make out of the edmonds  cook book. It was nice and moist not dry like i thought it would be as i cooked it in the wrong size tin! If i had left it in the oven for the full time i think it would be dry though,  So when i make our one today i think i will make the same size and cut down the time...  In the last year she has had about 6 of her close friends die. So it was a good turnout for her.
this is the cake i made for mum...very plain and simple but very yummy!

I made a beaded bauble and showed everyone and miss Tallulah thought it was pretty enough to hang from her ear lol! I am going to make some more of these hopefully over the xmas break.  There was a drama when i was making this but will tell you about that another time.

Do you like my lovely earring?

 ...don't know if i will be back here till after xmas so I hope everyone has a great xmas .

Saturday, December 10, 2011

"I got mail"

my sscs prezzy
Just after I posted my last post I told you I was hoping for my sscs swap  parcel  to arrive ...and it has!  I opened it and this is what was inside...

A lovely wall hanging ,love it thank you kate. It's so cute!   Kate was my swap partner this year SSCS SWAP 2011  organised by Chookyblue. She does such a great job too...thanks Donna.
 I have temporarily pegged  it this hanger but will adjust it so it fits.  It is already up on the wall.  She also made some lovely handstitched name tags with all our names on too i have just got them hanging on the side for now. .."Don't they look great"

a close up of some beautiful stitching.
a lovely wall xmas wall hanging

There is also a small pack of peppermint candy canes for us to nibble on but ii forgot to take a pic. (sorry)  I must get the tree up this weekend so i can put the other prezzy under it.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Block 4 FQSQAL

Last weekend I managed to do one of the blocks in the FQSQAL . This is block 4-quilt 2. I had abit of a problem cutting the squares...i kept reading the instructions wrong and cut the wrong fabrics, not once but two times!. got there in the end. Now i just have to do the same block for chey's quilt....i hope i don't muck stuff  it up !  At least the  current one is an easy one.
block 4-quilt 2

Last weekend I made some hummus, really yummy too.!  Then i was wanting to try out a cake recipe . It is called 'the ultimate chocolate cake from Annabel Laingbine, she has heaps of cook books .  It is a really large cake and you whizz it up in the food processor really quick to mix, then cook in the oven for an hour. I sliced it in two and put strawberry jam in the middle.  It's ok but i thought it lacked chocolate....There is only about a quarter left! the boys have eaten it. Conor came out and had a midnight feast as i found half a piece in the fridge...his eyes were bigger than his belly!...

My piece of chocky was yummy!  Whoops my pic  has gone sideways ,sorry i don't know how to turn it around.
Then I made a batch of mustard pickle.  It makes quite a few jars and fairly cheap to make too, we love pickle.!  It will make nice gifts to give friends for xmas . I will dress the jars up a bit with some decorated lids and try and get the old label off as it is still on one jar.
my mustard pickle.

I bought a string of solar xmas tree lights so i could hang them in the garden  ..they go quite well ..the pic is not great..but that's just me i'm not good at taking photos but you get the general idea
The solar lights in the's so dark you can't see the tree!
Now i am waiting for my SSCS parcel to's not here yet.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon it will find me. well I'm off to do some rippling.....but first I shall eat that piece of cake on the plate !! mmmmm !

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Little xmas stockings.

6 little stockings!

I have been busy making these cute little xmas stockings.  I follow this blog  where angie has the pattern if you are interested in making any for the little people in your family.  They are really easy to do...if i can do them anyone can. All I need to do now is embellish them with some flowers or buttons or anything you like really. Maybe someone's initial of their name stitched on. Then I will stuff them with some little sweets and toys.
my little xmas stockings.

what a mess this pup makes...she is chewing on henrietta ...she stole from the bin!
yep...the socks fit perfectly!

chippy suits these colours don't you think?