Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Block 4 FQSQAL

Last weekend I managed to do one of the blocks in the FQSQAL . This is block 4-quilt 2. I had abit of a problem cutting the squares...i kept reading the instructions wrong and cut the wrong fabrics, not once but two times!. got there in the end. Now i just have to do the same block for chey's quilt....i hope i don't muck stuff  it up !  At least the  current one is an easy one.
block 4-quilt 2

Last weekend I made some hummus, really yummy too.!  Then i was wanting to try out a cake recipe . It is called 'the ultimate chocolate cake from Annabel Laingbine, she has heaps of cook books .  It is a really large cake and you whizz it up in the food processor ...so really quick to mix, then cook in the oven for an hour. I sliced it in two and put strawberry jam in the middle.  It's ok but i thought it lacked chocolate....There is only about a quarter left! the boys have eaten it. Conor came out and had a midnight feast as i found half a piece in the fridge...his eyes were bigger than his belly!...

My piece of chocky cake...it was yummy!  Whoops my pic  has gone sideways ,sorry i don't know how to turn it around.
Then I made a batch of mustard pickle.  It makes quite a few jars and fairly cheap to make too, we love pickle.!  It will make nice gifts to give friends for xmas . I will dress the jars up a bit with some decorated lids and try and get the old label off as it is still on one jar.
my mustard pickle.

I bought a string of solar xmas tree lights so i could hang them in the garden  ..they go quite well ..the pic is not great..but that's just me i'm not good at taking photos but you get the general idea
The solar lights in the tree...it's so dark you can't see the tree!
Now i am waiting for my SSCS parcel to arrive...it's not here yet.  Maybe tomorrow afternoon it will find me. well I'm off to do some rippling.....but first I shall eat that piece of cake on the plate !! mmmmm !

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  1. The cake,the block and the pickle all look divine Susan - you've been busy!