Sunday, December 25, 2011

sscs prezzy

Here is what was in my other half of the   parcel from kate webster,  she was my swap partner in sscs 2011  . a really neat wallhanging ...thankyou kate it's  really neat! love the colours you have used ...they will go well on the wall!  I really love the cat with one eye or he could be winking?  cute!
a really cute wallhanging from Kate
I hope my swap partner liked what i sent her......  Thanks again to chookybluewho made this a fun swap.

cute wee cat '.
chippy with her yummy xmas cracker!
Our puppy enjoyed her xmas present too...can you guess what it is?? .....A rawhide chewbar full of tasty morsals only a dog would enjoy!
I unwrapped my own prezzy!


  1. Lovely gifts from Kate, thank you so very much for my gorgeous table top with matching coasters Sue, I just loved

  2. what a lovely present from Kate........thanks for being part of the SSCS......

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  4. Such a cute "puppy"!


  5. lovely gifts... Kate does amazing work.... puppy seemed happy with her gift too... I do love your crochet blanket on the header...