Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Block 6-FQSQAL

Block 6-catherdral windows of fqsqal
This block is called 'cathedral windows' . It goes together so easily, it almost makes itself!  I loved doing this one!  I have top stiched the window in green contrast on the orange. I might do the pieced center on my other block of this . This one is one square as the other is 4 squares stitched together. If you look on konda's blog you will see it. here is my pic it has come out a bit darker than in real life. This is for chey's quilt.  I have yet to do my one and the next one is due tommorrow!

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  1. I made a quilt using cathedral window blocks... 82 to be exact. It took me about a week to make them all, I was amazed at how much hand stitching had to be done, but it was worth it.
    Your block is very colourful and bright.