Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Block 7 fqsqal

I've managed to get one more  block done of my fqsqal.  This is number 2 quilt, block 7  (I still have to do 8 & 9).  These blocks were made using templates except for the centers.   I forgot that you must cut each template with the right side of the fabric facing up so I ended up with pairs rather than all for one side.  But I got here in the end.  I actually traced my template onto freezer paper and that worked for me, then I just layed my ruler over the shape and added on the seam allowance and cut it out.  With the freezer paper you can use it quite a few times which was really easy. Here is a pic.
block 7- quilt 2 fqsqal
I have now finished one side of my ripple cushion. It was quick to do now I just have to do the other side  which shouldn't take me too long I hope. It is a long weekend this wekend so I might get those other blocks done!

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  1. What a gorgeous and perfectly pieced block!!