Saturday, May 14, 2011

My blocks so far of Lcqal

I have finally finished my blocks for lcqal . I don't know what sashings i will do yet, I have been looking at all the finished tops on the flickr page tp try and get some inspiration.
they all look amazing!  some have done two tops and three!!  I have also been working on Henrietta Whiskers b.o.m. from bunnyhill. We are up to no. 5 already and this the only one i have been able to keep up with.
I  saw my big sister (pamduring April as her and her husband came to N.Z. for the v8 motor racing in Hamilton. We visited a few Patchwork shops and bought a little bit of fabric too.

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  1. Hi Susan, I just had a read back through your posts and think your Lcqal have turned out well - I look forward to seeing how you will complete the top. I would quite like to do henrietta whiskers too but am now 5 months behind!!