Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my sscs parcel has arrived!

The mail man delivered my sscs parcel last week, but I havn't  had time to do a post about it.  It is from Kris of tag along teddies.  She has made me a lovely ornament . She is a christmas  angel and is hanging in my sewing room at the moment as i still haven't put up the tree yet!!  Then she can live on the tree ." Thankyou  kris,  she's beautiful."  I haven't  opened  peeped in  the other package  yet, it will be going under the tree. Thanks chookyblue for hosting the swap, you do a fantastic job each year.  It's heaps of fun.!

mail has arrived.
my sscs ornament from Kris
I bought a few kaffe fabrics on trademe (like ebay).  And I found a basket full of patchwork fabrics in the hospice shop today and bought them home with me too! I might go back tommorrow and get some pink as I couldn't make up my mind about it,...if it is still there. I know it is there as I was there when they closed the door at 4pm and opens up at 10am. It is within walking distance for me, only 5 mins up the rd. I found a couple of books too.
some Kaffe fabrics
fabric finds in the hospice shop.

I also found a "U.F.O" forsale too....only $15.00  ....It needs a bit of work....It is 'trip around the world
' pattern i think. Looks like it has been strip pieced but not matched up very well in places and the seam allowances are all over the place(maybe why it doesn't match up so good) and there is a tear in the side and a small stain.  I'm thinking of taking off the end rows and trying to replace the stained bit and add some borders to make it wider....quite a bit to do but i like a challenge .
a u.f.o. 
the rip
stain to fix
I have also nearly finished Chey's star quilt too. I want it done before christmas . I just have to do  some fm stars  on the border. I have finished binding it last night, it took me a couple of nights to do that and now i have a sore finger. Oh and I want to make up a label then I will give it to him.  It's only about 6 months late!! lol!  "Better late than never I say".  I'm sure he will love it. Kids don't look at crooked stitching! lol!

chey's quilt 

binding going on.

a cute bag.

this bag is knitted calico in the blocks

some books 

one very smug "Norbitt" ..what a poser!

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  1. enjoy your ornament from Kris for the SSCS........lots of sewing happening here.........