Sunday, December 02, 2012

some buys from the hospice shop...

Well I went a hospice shop down the rd where i work and saw these bags and thought I would like just the handles to put on some other bags i will make and they were only $3  for the red one and $2 for the other one.  I would never use them as they are so I shall pull them apart soon.  I also found a book on' bullion stitch embroidery. It has a few lovely projects in it to make. I love doing bullion stitch. It is amazing just how many things you can use the stitch for.

I have sort of started a new project. (shouldn't really...)  but I was looking at a blog of Jan mac'sand saw her Joseph quilt (sorry can't think of the proper name but you will know what I mean from the pic, I think)  I have been wanting to make one of these for quite a while now and then I found the roll of florani stitch and wash I had stashed away quite a while ago and so have started to make some petals.  I don't think I will make a huge one ,maybe just a smallish size , then it might get finished!!. Keep you posted.

A couple of weeks ago I got given these drawers ...full of wool  mainly soft pastel shades but there is heaps of white which will be very useful for the next crochet project I start but probably not till after the summer...when it gets here.!   Some of it has' fontana' on the label...don't think they sell that one anymore!  It was from Wayne's ,bosses wife, they were having a clean out. We also were given a brand new wall heater still in the box and a floor heater  too and some other bits and pieces.

I have been driving with
Conor nearly every other night , he is getting better each day. He doesn't stall the car now and a lot more confident. I got him to put some new wheels on my car today too. We take chippy for ride each time to get her use to the car as she use to get car sick! (yucky) but she is good now.

chippy admiring the view.

another sunset

the teatree is flowering looks like snow when it drops its petals

I best go and start the dinner or it will be  a really late dinner and boys always moan they are hungry! bye for now.

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  1. It's great you found the bag handles and book. I always scour 2nd hand shops for bits and pieces I can use. Mum used to buy old jerseys, unwind them and wash the wool and then re-knit into something else. I will often buy a top just for the buttons.
    Lucky you to get the drawers full of wool. Love your sunset photos too.