Sunday, March 24, 2013

Finally the computer is fixed!

Well it is fixed for how long I don't know.... The mother board was fried apparently.

I haven't really done any sewing except for 'Terry's treasures qal" .  I got carried away with the cutting out and ended up cutting all the strips out....and even joining them all up too.  The reason because I am making some jackets and don't have much spare time.  I had about a week between jobs so made the most of it and sewed all 7 strips up but that is as far as I have got.  Till the next quiet time.....
I haven't taken pics of my strips yet sorry so can't show you yet.

she is a bantam so smaller than a normal size chicken.

the chicks are about 2 1/2 months old here and almost as big as cute!
trying  to keep her babies warm!
I have a few new pics of the chicks I hatched  one real cute one of mother chook trying to keep her babies warm.
Now I've just  have to try and get some things done.


  1. Oh so cute, such a good mum!

  2. Love those photos!!!!

  3. Awe...what cute pictures! Poor thing needs bigger wings! LOL