Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hello, Im still here...

Well I'm still here but not been blogging sorry as  still don't have a computer of my own.....So it's nearly the end if 2013 and I am going to try and get back into it Next year!!....
I was reading someones blog today and she said she tries to do 1 ufo a month  so i think that's where i might try and start the new year off at.....I'm sure I could find at least 12 ufos without looking too hard!.....Watch this space!!!
I can tell you one exciting thing that has happened...back in October I won a sewing machine!  I was at spotlite with my friend mandy and she talked me into going....and i won the lucky drawer...I couldn't believe it.  My machine is a husqvarna viking.  It's nice and new goes really well too.  I've never had that brand.  I like it.....I am halfway through making a bag that i will show you some pics when it is finished...might be my 1st finish of the year!!
. I am at my mum's in Paeroa at the moment for Xmas.  Well I hope everyone has had a good xmas, bye now.


  1. still here will still be here when you return...............

  2. WOW what an amazing machine to win!
    I have a husqvarna too, and when it's playing nice I love it too.